Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Wolf with a Badge is Still a Wolf! - writing sample

A Wolf with a Badge is Still a Wolf! 

“Please Stop!” “We didn’t do anything!” “This is hurting me, please!” I can hear their crying, sniffles and huffing for breath all the way down in the valley where I am waiting.

Impatiently shaking my arms, and pacing I think, “Tonight is going to be the night.” My anger is visible, and I am attempting to shake it off before they arrive. “I have to keep a clear head,” I tell myself with a slight shake of my head that sends my hair into my face. I don’t need to see right now; I need to calm down. With one last deep breath for sanity, I assume a bored, arrogant stance and walk forward to the clearing.

They are just coming into view now. The three men seem to be taking pleasure in roughly shoving the crying girls forward and appear disappointed to see me already. “You are early, asshole!” says the largest of the men. He is possessively holding onto one of the girls.

“Yeah we haven’t even had any fun yet man,” says the dark-haired man to his right, attempting to laugh. “How about giving us another fifteen minutes man, what do ya say?”

I feel the irritation spreading already and can barely keep from growling at them. “Listen I paid you to do a simple job and even then you question me? All you were supposed to do was quietly bring the girls. Is this your idea of quiet? I could hear you coming a mile away. Did anyone follow you? If your incompetence has screwed this up, your ass is mine.”

The men all seem to shrink a bit at my words. Then the larger man puffs up a bit as if no one would dare cross him. I smile just a bit. I love it when they get scared. “No man, I swear no one followed us. No one even knows where we are right now. We didn’t tell anybody as you instructed,” says the puffed up moron.

I give them one last look, nod my head and say, “All right, let’s get them loaded into the trailer. I want to get out of here.” I start walking towards the door on the back of the trailer.

“Hold up just a minute. Where is our money?” It’s the big man of course. He is starting to piss me off.

“You get the money when the job is completed. Now load them up.” I state this as coldly as I can, letting the anger seep into my deepening voice.

The smaller men shrug and start tugging the girls towards the trailer. The girls have started struggling and protesting with renewed strength, terrified about what is happening. I wish I could calm them down, tell the girls they will be ok. I have no plans of harming them. There is no time right now. That will come later.

The big man must have a death wish I think because he backhands the closest girl. She falls, sobbing, with the force of the blow. In an instant, I’m there. I grab his arm, and throat, lifting him onto his toes, applying force to let him know I am not pleased.

”Did I give you permission to damage my merchandise? As a matter of fact, I warned you to stop screwing this up.” I growl out, and his nonplussed look only pisses me off more. He plays the game though and says, “I.. I’m sorry man. It won’t happen again. I swear.” I nod and let go after one last squeeze.

“I see the girls are all loaded up and locked in. Ready to get paid?” They nod, looking relieved, so I start walking towards the truck and take off my jacket. No since in messing it up if this gets ugly.

Facing them I ask, “Who first?” Now they look confused. Why are the scumbags always stupid? I hold up my badge and say, “You are under arrest. Get down on the ground with your hands up or…”

The two smaller guys who had been joking earlier fall to the dirt with their hands up. Too easy, I try not to laugh. While I am cuffing them and reading them their rights, the big guy has decided to make a run for it.

I go ahead and finish reading them their rights, then shove them into the back of the truck. It has been modified, and they aren’t going anywhere now. Looks like this night just got even better. With a grin, I take off, the chase calling me. Got to love the runners!

Oh, the irony does get to me at times. I pick up his scent and hear him cursing and struggling to get free. He didn’t get very far. Somehow he has managed to get caught in some thorn bushes just ahead. Guess we can’t all see well in the dark. I almost feel sorry for him, almost, I think with a grin.

I just start laughing as I walk towards him. He is just yelling now. “I know my rights. What are you going to do cuff me and arrest me? You think I will talk? You think you can keep me? This won't even go to trial. I have friends. I am not afraid of you.”

Of course, his scent tells me a different story. “No,” I say, “you are scared right now. I hear it in your heart beat and your fast breathing. I see it in your struggle to get loose, which, by the way, is only tangling you up worse. I know you won’t say anything, your friends won’t talk either with your there. You are right, there won’t be a trial for you.” I take one step forward.

He is ranting and screaming now. “What are you talking about man? You do not even make any sense. This is bullshit. I want my lawyer! You stupid piece of shit! Do you know who you are dealing with?” The last seems as if he meant to intimidate me.

“Well, your friends back there are sure to start singing the minute I take them in without you to protect them. You would just be in the way. Also, I don’t like you, anything about you. I don’t plan on arresting you so don’t worry; you won’t see the inside of a jail cell. Oh, one last thing, this could hurt a bit.”

I reach forward, my arm already transformed, ripping his arm off. His screaming only makes me shake my head. “I guess no one told you about all the recent animal attacks up in these woods lately. It looks like they found you before I could.”  With that, I shift and in one flood motion and lunge for his throat. God, I love my work!