Friday, February 27, 2015

Smelly House Slippers (Sells Pitch for something awful)

Smelly House Slippers
Aroma, Cushion, Comfort, Style - Smelly House Slippers will be the last pair of slippers you will ever buy again!

Each and every pair of Smelly House Slippers has been well loved. They will be coming already worn in just for you!

* No one likes to put on a stiff pair of house shoes! * 

     When I slip on a pair a house slippers I want them to mold right to my feet and be comfortable. With Smelly House Slipper the mold is guaranteed, adding just a bit more cushion to your precious feet. We have worked hard to cultivate our patented aroma. You will feel like you have had these shoes forever. They quickly feel like your old favorite slippers, because now they really are!
     There is nothing like that moment when you walk in your front door. You pull off the shoes that have been pinching your feet all day. Your feet are hurting. You are tired. You just want a break. Simply step into Smelly House Slippers and suddenly your feet feel relaxed. You feel more energized. You are now ready to face whatever comes your way tonight! Smelly House Slippers are like no other house shoe you have tried before.
     -- Order your pair today. There are only 3 easy installments of $19.95 (plus taxes and shipping) but don’t worry your slippers will ship out immediately. Just imagine the relaxation you are going to feel. Act now, supplies are limited!!


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