Friday, February 27, 2015

The Blindness We Have as a People

What is there but we choose not see

   It amazes me to this day how blind we as a people can be. We walk down the streets and we don’t even see the homeless, the suffering. We hear the yells and screams at times but somehow they just mean nothing. We don’t get involved. It is not our place to interfere so we have told ourselves so often that nothing affects us at all anymore. We have become blind.

   The problem with being blind is atrocities are still happening all around us. They could even happen to us. Then we would truly understand what it means to have no one see when you need them. It is time we open our eyes and start seeing what is actually there. Notice the man who lays by wall shivering with the sign. See the lady in complex who always wears sunglasses and is “clumsy” getting bruised often. See the kids who look half starved. See people, see your world and then decide if you still want to pretend you see nothing.

   We can pretend it’s not a problem. At least it is not your problem because surely someone else will fix it. You can believe that if you need to hold onto that belief in order to sleep comfortably in your bed at night. In reality you know that no one is going to do anything differently. Tomorrow everything will just be just the same as it was today. People as a whole like to believe that someone else will fix it. Most people are walking around with this belief.  If everyone believes someone else will fix the the problem, then who is left to fix anything? You can choose to continue to be blind to the world or you can choose to act.

   You can talk to the lady about domestic violence. You can offer to go with her to places for help. You can call the police when you hear the screams. You can give the man on the street a blanket. You can volunteer to provide breakfast for those kids you see always hungry. You have a lot of choices. The choices are all around you, all you have to do is pick one.

   Once you have decided to see the world, you can choose to help in any way that suits you best. One person can not fix everything themselves. Trying to take it all on would be too much; that is the truth. For every one person who chooses to do something to help, you are at least making a difference in a way that was possible for you. You can advocate for more people to look around at this world we live in, in our very own neighborhoods. We can choose to lose our blindness as people. We can choose to stop walking around as if nothing was wrong, the world is perfect place. We can choose to open our eyes. Once your eyes are open, the rest is up to you.

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