Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I just exploded a pot of scarves and wool.. not a good day

Lately, I have felt the desire (finally) to dye a few things. I dyed some yarn up for a friend. I was so excited and happy to see it. The color is perfect, at least, I am pretty sure. I didn't even realize there was anything wrong until I was hanging the yarn to dry. It is a silk/merino mix, really quite lovely to work with.

I don't know what I did wrong. The yarn is only that beautiful color on the outside of the skeins. The inside is matted together. I mean its still totally usable but its not up to par. That was a real disappointment. I was trying to reskein it to see if I could recover it somehow when I heard a loud pop and bang.

I rushed to the kitchen to see a that I was trying to set some scarves and wool in had over heated. The pressure from the boiling shot the lid off. I have turned off the burner and removed the pot to let it cool, but I just feel fricken devastated. It just won't go right, and I don't know how to change it. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Dear Diary, My new goals and hopes in life

I thought if I set goals my life would just move back to something more manageable. The thing is I started with goals that were too big for me to achieve. That only made me feel worse when I couldn't do what I had set out to do. So I crashed again. I drank too much, cried too much, and in general, stopped taking care of myself. I got really depressed again. 

This morning was a bit better, though. I decided to start over with smaller goals. I got the idea after reading that book on meditation. It reinforced some stuff I had learned years ago, but I had forgotten. The mind does not care the size of the goal, task or achievement. It really only understands if you were able to do it or not. Every time you are able to accomplish something your brain rewards you. You can get more confidence, feel better, and change your outlook on life.

The best way to do this is to set micro-goals. These are little tiny goals you can accomplish. As you are able to reach your goals, remember to reward yourself even with a simple I did it. You can increase your goals as you go along to give you something more to accomplish. I decided to keep my goals as simple as possible.

Johanna's Goals:

  • Complete 3 tasks a day
  • I will reward myself when I complete each task. 
  • I will start small & take pride in what I am able to accomplish.
Tasks I completed today:
  1. I woke up and cooked food for myself and my roommates.
  2. I took a shower and put on clean clothes.
  3. I made myself a cup of tea.
It may not seem like it but just doing those things and telling myself, "I did this" was a small boost to my self. I feel like I can do complete 3 tasks a day. When I am doing this regularly I will increase my goals until I am back to a place I feel comfortable in. I actually accomplished a few more things, like this blog, but I felt better just having my 3 tasks completed and seeing them in writing. 

To all those who struggle, try something small for yourself. Set your own mini goals. Keep hope alive. Remember you are never truly alone. Someone out there is always feeling like you and someone always cares. I may not always succeed in Life. There is always tomorrow and the Hope it brings with it for a fresh new start. 


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Meditation made easy!

Lately (or always it seems) my life has been stressful. I have been told more than once that I should meditate. When I was given the chance to review The Meditation Beginner's Bible by Tai Morello I took this as a sign. I was given a copy to read and then review honestly.

I enjoyed the book. I actually found myself using some of the techniques described in the book as I read. The chapters were easy to read and understand. I really liked how the information was broken down so simply. The benefits of meditation are presented in bullet form. Scientific studies were provided to give a more in-depth view of exactly how meditation works. 

Morello offers several methods of meditation. This is great for someone new to meditation as the options allow a person to choose the right method for themselves. I really felt like this book was written with love as it is clear the author truly wishes to make meditation accessible to everyone. The entire tone of the book is one of friendship and guidance to allow anyone to meditate. 

The only thing that did throw me off a bit was the title. At first I thought this book would be a guide on how to use the Bible as a meditation tool. The book is strictly a meditation book. I loved how myths were presented and busted. I loved the links to meditation tools. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in learning how to meditate to alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Setting goals and feeling better

Hello all,
As you may well know lately I have been suffering depression, anxiety, and nightmares. I have been under a lot of stress as well, I have found that reaching out to the community of online friends has helped. I have talked to more people online, and chatting on my phone. Little by little I am improving. I have set some small goals to try to achieve daily to help me pull myself up and out of this depression.

When I wake up in the morning, I usually turn on my kettle to make a cup of tea. The goals I have set are as follows. While the water is heating, I will put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. After I have filled my cup while my tea is steeping, I will put on a load of clothes to be washed. My last goal for the morning is to blog while I drink my tea. These may seem like very small goals but for me it is difficult some mornings to even put the kettle on. That is why I have decided regardless of how I feel, I want to do these 3 goals each morning.

I hope that these goals once firmly established will help me start developing a routine of sorts. I plan on trying what is called 'Opposite Action' as one of my tools to lead a less depressed life. Opposite action basically means feeling one way, but 'Choosing' to do the thing you don't feel like doing, even if it is hard. Now don't start with a huge opposite action. You want your goals attainable. The mind sees each achievement as a success and feels encouraged, regardless of the size, a tiny achievement or a huge one weighs the same to your mind.

For that reason start off with small, tiny, baby steps. Build your confidence and courage slowly. Your depression will improve. This will not happen overnight, but you will start having better days if you do this. So go, have that cup of coffee with friends or see that ballgame. Do something outside of your home at least 1 time every week. You will start feeling better. This is my hope for myself and for you all.

Love & Hugs,

Sunday, October 4, 2015

My life, my shame - Part 4 - potentially triggering[

What I post or write may be triggering. Please do not continue reading if you are afraid you may be triggered.

New post below:

I feel like I have talked in vague particularities. I think I am actually afraid to be as open and honest as I should be. I think at times I can only hit around the bush. My shame is deep and strong. I have decided to post a picture of my deepest shame. The thing that has kept me hidden away recently. It was only seen by my roommates and a few doctors for the most part. I was afraid if anyone knew the depth of my depression it would be the end. Stupid really to come from someone who thought the end was already here. Why am I putting it here, on a blog, in clear public scrutiny? Honestly, I finally talked about it with my sister Brandy. She told me I didn't have to be ashamed. I didn't have to hide. She said I could be a voice to help others like me. I didn't believe her, I have to be honest. But of the people I trust in my life, Brandy is one of them. I finally decided that if the words I can put on a blog can actually reach anyone, then maybe she is right.

This is my shame. This is why I hide these days. I don't want to see the judgement on anyone's face. I am afraid I can't stand up to it. This is what wakes me up in the middle of the night crying. This monstrosity is now a part of me. There is nothing I can do to deny it though I would if I had any way possible. I hate it. It brands me. It hurts. It really does. I wake up to the pain. My left hand is no longer as strong as it once was. I hate facing the truths. I disassociated during a time of deep stress and duress. While in this place I tried to end my life. The only reason that I am still here is for my roommates. They patched me up, took me to the doctor, stayed by my side. They did not give up on me even though I had. Without them, I would not be here today.

I post this because I don't want anyone to end up as I did, feeling alone, and with no options. There are options. There is life. Sometimes it is painful but if we just persist we can move on to a better place. Please know that as long as I have breath in my body I will be here for you, any of you, should you ever need a shoulder, a sounding board, a person to say you matter. I do not know you, but I promise you, I love you. I love you so that you no longer have to wonder if you are loved or if you are alone. I love you simply because you exist and deserve love. I will go on. I will not give up. I will not let you either. Exists with me if it is all you can do, but I wait for the day that you no longer exist but truly live. Those thoughts bring me joy. I have real joy in my life at the thought of people living and knowing there is someone out here who loves them regardless. I have real joy in knowing you will live even if it is hard just like I will. We have to. We can not quit. Too many people depend on us being here, even if we forget in our depression. We matter, all of us.

I may write more along this line but for now this is what needed to be said. Do not take the easy death. Take the hard path and live. Live for yourself, live for your loved ones, live in spite of those who would see you gone.. just Live.
Hugs & Love, Johanna

My life - Part 3 - Potentially triggering

Potentially triggering content. Please do not read if you might be triggered. Thank you.

I have to say here and now that I am lucky. I have very supportive friends and family to some extent. Without them, I honestly would have died a long time ago. Even typing this feels so shameful. I worry what people will think when they read these words. What are they now thinking of me. I imagine the thoughts can not be very good or kind towards me. I am afraid people will say this is a cry for attention, that I am stupid, that I am lazy, that I am worthless, that I should just die and stop whining. I imagine so many horrible things, partially because I have been told each of these things at one point in my life or another.

The people were typically someone I loved, though I also heard it from doctors, and "friends". Even my husband told me he could not be with someone with my mental illness and physical disabilities. He believed I would ruin his career. He honestly could not deal with or handle me. It broke me when he told me these things and other things. I was so broken I have still not recovered from it. I realize now that some of what he said was simply because he was lashing out, he was hurting, and he wanted to hurt me. It is painful for the other person if you are in a relationship. The pains and mental anguish those that love us suffer is probably unbearable. I understand because there are times I would not want to live with me. I can understand why others would want to avoid me. Knowing that still does not take away the pain I feel.

I try to do good things and be a good person, but always on the inside I feel it is never enough. I feel like I am a bad person. I feel I am being punished in some way for something I don't even know. It is hard to understand why I must feel so much pain when others seem to just roll with life's blows. It shames me that I can not be like other people. I feel guilty that others even have to tolerate my presence at times. I try to just keep the body going and pray that the mind and spirit will eventually catch up. I have been merely surviving for years. I feel like somewhere along the way I just stopped living. I don't know how to start again. 

The state of my life lately - Part 2 - Potentially triggering

This post may be potentially triggering & to graphic for some. If you feel you might be triggered please do not read. More under the photo. Thank you.

 I woke up so ashamed and filled with guilt. I have been afraid to speak about it. I have decided I am through hiding.
I have been suffering, with depression, anxiety, and pain. I have felt the need to hide away from everyone and everything. The shame and guilt I feel are so deeply rooted. Even writing this blog makes my panic start. I feel the pain in my chest. My breathing is harder. My eyes are watering and I have started to shake. The panic I feel is not a passive or passing thing. It is very real. I am writing this because I know others feel this too. I want you to know you are not alone in your suffering.

I understand what it is like to feel panic so deeply that it hurts. Panic causes us to avoid people, places, situations.. anything that could trigger us. Still the panic comes. I don't know why it has to happen. I don't understand why I have to feel this way all the time. Most times when I interact with others, I put on the happy social Johanna. This Johanna is easy to talk to and does not make others feel uncomfortable. If I am the real Johanna people have no idea how to respond. It is hard to deal with a person who shakes and cries when she feels extreme anxiety and panic. People would rather hear everything is fine.

Everything is not fine though. It has not been fine in a very long time. I suffer from Chronic PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and DID. Those are just my mental disabilities. Physically I suffer from Chronic Pain due to ongoing injuries sustained as a child through early adulthood. I also have Peripheral Neuralgia in my head, neck, arms, and legs. I have been labeled with Fibromyalgia. The pain I feel on a daily basis is severe and depressing. There are many times I don't want to live my life in pain. Between my anxiety, depression, did, and pain I have ended up in the hospital many times.

I have scars that I have no way to hide. I feel they brand me. Label me for anyone who looks at me. My scars shame me. I hate them. These are only the scars people see, the ones they don't see shame me even more. I feel deeply ashamed that I can not be "normal". I feel guilty that even though life is looking up I stay so very depressed. I pray for it all to end at times, not even knowing what I want to end. It is a horrible thing to wake up, at home or in the hospital and realize you have tried to take your own life. The thing that shames me most is the regret I feel when the attempts have failed. Sometimes waking up is so unbearable. The weight of my depression crushes me.

Continued in part 3.

The state of my life lately - Part 1

So life constantly stays in flux. I realize now that when I decided I would reopen my shop I was extremely idealistic. I was totally unprepared, thinking I could open with my shoestring budget.That is why the date of the opening keeps being pushed back. I have a lot of personal things happening in my life that have caused me stress and mental anguish. I am going through a painful divorce, to a man I had once believed I would spend my life with. I have been through the wringer these past 2 years. I am finally feeling both hopeful that it should be over completely by March and also deeply saddened by the loss not just of a husband, but of the life we planned. It has not been easy.

I wanted to reopen my fiber arts business for so many reasons. I wanted to make art again. I wanted to have the fiber community back. I wanted my life to restart in any way possible. I believed starting my business again would give me that fresh start. I have had so many unexpected (and unplanned for) issues that at times I have wondered was any of it even worth it.

I have come to realize the fiber arts business that was not the problem. The problem lies with me, my spirit, my will, and my drive. I had completely given up, more than once. I have grown so depressed that at times I could literally do nothing more than lie in bed, fearing if I got up I would do something I would regret. So I hid away, from the people in my life, and from myself. I actually ended up in the hospital several times. I woke up so ashamed and filled with guilt. I have been afraid to speak about it. I have decided I am through hiding.

Part 2 will have more graphic details and could potentially be triggering. If you feel you may be triggered please do not read Part 2. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sample knitters needed.

I plan on updating my Yarns list on Ravelry, Facebook EIM Page, and EIM Inspired Fibers website. I am also going to start posting blogs about each individual new yarn with pictures of samples. If anyone wants to volunteer to make a sample please feel free to raise your hand (or message me too lol) and let me know. It would be great if you could critique the yarn as well. I would like to know your thoughts on what you liked about it, not so much or outright disliked. I will need the samples back for photos to put on my blog and website.

In exchange for doing a sample, you will also receive a free yarn of your choice from my new list. Thank you to all volunteers in advance. You can message me here by adding a comment, or on any of my group pages. Thank you.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Official Opening Pushed Back to Oct 1, 2015 - Info below

Hi everyone! I know everybody is getting excited about my Fiber Arts shop reopening. Life likes to throw a wrench here and there though. I have had a few time consuming stresses come up that I have to take care of. This takes precious time away from preparing for the Grand Reopening.

Newsletter Signup Here: EIM Inspired Fibers Newsletter

I plan on starting with a well stocked shop full of all sorts of fiber goodies! Opening a month later allows me time to continue to set up shop and make items for the shop. This really is a total rebranding. You are going to be pretty excited I imagine about what will be in stock. I won't tell you everything but I will give you some hints to whet your appetites.

  • Hand Dyed Yarns & Combed Tops
  • Creative Batts (some of my old favorites just might be there as well as some new)
  • Themed Packages much like my SAL/KALs but not quite
  • Monthly SAL/KAL - spaces will be limited every month. 
  • Some new yarns I have been working on just for you! 
  • Goodies that are sure to make you squee with joy
That is really all I can say right now. I will be updating my blog and Facebook page regularly. Right now my Ravelry Group is in full function. I have a chat section, a place to show off goodies, and more. Though I will be opening in October, I am already accepting custom requests. Please email me your requests. Get your request in now to have your items ready in shop when I open. Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The dilemma of Hand Dyeing vs Water wasted and the need for a purification system.

Hello all. I find I have a major dilemma.

I love dyeing my fibers, fabrics, everything really. Color is who I am. I truly enjoy the process of turning a black slate into something colorful and full of imagination. I see art everywhere. It speaks to my soul. There is a dark side of dyeing though.

As a hand dyer I have to use a lot of water. I try to reuse as much as possible but without an adequate filtration and purification system a lot is wasted. My life philosophy is Ever Improving Me. I believe as a person I will continue to grow and improve always. I also believe I should do my part to improve the world I live in.

 I wanted to reach out to the fiber arts community and people in general. I want to see if anyone has come up with an answer to water purification. It must be on a scale large enough for a hand dyer. It also still must be able fit inside a home or small based business space.

I was researching ideas today and came across this DIY purifier. Has anyone out there made or bought a water purifier for dyeing purposes

  • What prompted your decision to make or buy?
  • If made, how did you make it?
  • If bought, what type did you get?
  • How effective do you find it to be?
Please get back to me with your thoughts and ideas. I will probably be exploring this subject much further so I look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Its official Ever Improving Me, SAL/KAL themed New Begginings or Fresh Start

I would like to start my business by hosting a SAL/KAL with the theme of ”New Beginnings” or ”Fresh Start”. I am starting the dying this weekend. I would love to see some inspiration photos. I like the theme of starting over or new beginnings. I love this idea, which came from YarnMagic on Ravelry, of making some yarn and fiber combos to get started again. I think that would be a really fun start. I would love to see what interesting and creative creations that would be made by combining the yarn, and fiber together. I am thinking it could be spun up and knitting into something, used for weaving, or some random idea you are inspired to make!

The idea is wide open so please feel free to post anything your mind sees as fitting in this topic. I would love to see photos, songs, books, or discussion on the topic for the SAL/KAL. I will be posting photos of my dyeing this weekend too.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Wolf with a Badge is Still a Wolf! - writing sample

A Wolf with a Badge is Still a Wolf! 

“Please Stop!” “We didn’t do anything!” “This is hurting me, please!” I can hear their crying, sniffles and huffing for breath all the way down in the valley where I am waiting.

Impatiently shaking my arms, and pacing I think, “Tonight is going to be the night.” My anger is visible, and I am attempting to shake it off before they arrive. “I have to keep a clear head,” I tell myself with a slight shake of my head that sends my hair into my face. I don’t need to see right now; I need to calm down. With one last deep breath for sanity, I assume a bored, arrogant stance and walk forward to the clearing.

They are just coming into view now. The three men seem to be taking pleasure in roughly shoving the crying girls forward and appear disappointed to see me already. “You are early, asshole!” says the largest of the men. He is possessively holding onto one of the girls.

“Yeah we haven’t even had any fun yet man,” says the dark-haired man to his right, attempting to laugh. “How about giving us another fifteen minutes man, what do ya say?”

I feel the irritation spreading already and can barely keep from growling at them. “Listen I paid you to do a simple job and even then you question me? All you were supposed to do was quietly bring the girls. Is this your idea of quiet? I could hear you coming a mile away. Did anyone follow you? If your incompetence has screwed this up, your ass is mine.”

The men all seem to shrink a bit at my words. Then the larger man puffs up a bit as if no one would dare cross him. I smile just a bit. I love it when they get scared. “No man, I swear no one followed us. No one even knows where we are right now. We didn’t tell anybody as you instructed,” says the puffed up moron.

I give them one last look, nod my head and say, “All right, let’s get them loaded into the trailer. I want to get out of here.” I start walking towards the door on the back of the trailer.

“Hold up just a minute. Where is our money?” It’s the big man of course. He is starting to piss me off.

“You get the money when the job is completed. Now load them up.” I state this as coldly as I can, letting the anger seep into my deepening voice.

The smaller men shrug and start tugging the girls towards the trailer. The girls have started struggling and protesting with renewed strength, terrified about what is happening. I wish I could calm them down, tell the girls they will be ok. I have no plans of harming them. There is no time right now. That will come later.

The big man must have a death wish I think because he backhands the closest girl. She falls, sobbing, with the force of the blow. In an instant, I’m there. I grab his arm, and throat, lifting him onto his toes, applying force to let him know I am not pleased.

”Did I give you permission to damage my merchandise? As a matter of fact, I warned you to stop screwing this up.” I growl out, and his nonplussed look only pisses me off more. He plays the game though and says, “I.. I’m sorry man. It won’t happen again. I swear.” I nod and let go after one last squeeze.

“I see the girls are all loaded up and locked in. Ready to get paid?” They nod, looking relieved, so I start walking towards the truck and take off my jacket. No since in messing it up if this gets ugly.

Facing them I ask, “Who first?” Now they look confused. Why are the scumbags always stupid? I hold up my badge and say, “You are under arrest. Get down on the ground with your hands up or…”

The two smaller guys who had been joking earlier fall to the dirt with their hands up. Too easy, I try not to laugh. While I am cuffing them and reading them their rights, the big guy has decided to make a run for it.

I go ahead and finish reading them their rights, then shove them into the back of the truck. It has been modified, and they aren’t going anywhere now. Looks like this night just got even better. With a grin, I take off, the chase calling me. Got to love the runners!

Oh, the irony does get to me at times. I pick up his scent and hear him cursing and struggling to get free. He didn’t get very far. Somehow he has managed to get caught in some thorn bushes just ahead. Guess we can’t all see well in the dark. I almost feel sorry for him, almost, I think with a grin.

I just start laughing as I walk towards him. He is just yelling now. “I know my rights. What are you going to do cuff me and arrest me? You think I will talk? You think you can keep me? This won't even go to trial. I have friends. I am not afraid of you.”

Of course, his scent tells me a different story. “No,” I say, “you are scared right now. I hear it in your heart beat and your fast breathing. I see it in your struggle to get loose, which, by the way, is only tangling you up worse. I know you won’t say anything, your friends won’t talk either with your there. You are right, there won’t be a trial for you.” I take one step forward.

He is ranting and screaming now. “What are you talking about man? You do not even make any sense. This is bullshit. I want my lawyer! You stupid piece of shit! Do you know who you are dealing with?” The last seems as if he meant to intimidate me.

“Well, your friends back there are sure to start singing the minute I take them in without you to protect them. You would just be in the way. Also, I don’t like you, anything about you. I don’t plan on arresting you so don’t worry; you won’t see the inside of a jail cell. Oh, one last thing, this could hurt a bit.”

I reach forward, my arm already transformed, ripping his arm off. His screaming only makes me shake my head. “I guess no one told you about all the recent animal attacks up in these woods lately. It looks like they found you before I could.”  With that, I shift and in one flood motion and lunge for his throat. God, I love my work!

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Blindness We Have as a People

What is there but we choose not see

   It amazes me to this day how blind we as a people can be. We walk down the streets and we don’t even see the homeless, the suffering. We hear the yells and screams at times but somehow they just mean nothing. We don’t get involved. It is not our place to interfere so we have told ourselves so often that nothing affects us at all anymore. We have become blind.

   The problem with being blind is atrocities are still happening all around us. They could even happen to us. Then we would truly understand what it means to have no one see when you need them. It is time we open our eyes and start seeing what is actually there. Notice the man who lays by wall shivering with the sign. See the lady in complex who always wears sunglasses and is “clumsy” getting bruised often. See the kids who look half starved. See people, see your world and then decide if you still want to pretend you see nothing.

   We can pretend it’s not a problem. At least it is not your problem because surely someone else will fix it. You can believe that if you need to hold onto that belief in order to sleep comfortably in your bed at night. In reality you know that no one is going to do anything differently. Tomorrow everything will just be just the same as it was today. People as a whole like to believe that someone else will fix it. Most people are walking around with this belief.  If everyone believes someone else will fix the the problem, then who is left to fix anything? You can choose to continue to be blind to the world or you can choose to act.

   You can talk to the lady about domestic violence. You can offer to go with her to places for help. You can call the police when you hear the screams. You can give the man on the street a blanket. You can volunteer to provide breakfast for those kids you see always hungry. You have a lot of choices. The choices are all around you, all you have to do is pick one.

   Once you have decided to see the world, you can choose to help in any way that suits you best. One person can not fix everything themselves. Trying to take it all on would be too much; that is the truth. For every one person who chooses to do something to help, you are at least making a difference in a way that was possible for you. You can advocate for more people to look around at this world we live in, in our very own neighborhoods. We can choose to lose our blindness as people. We can choose to stop walking around as if nothing was wrong, the world is perfect place. We can choose to open our eyes. Once your eyes are open, the rest is up to you.

Smelly House Slippers (Sells Pitch for something awful)

Smelly House Slippers
Aroma, Cushion, Comfort, Style - Smelly House Slippers will be the last pair of slippers you will ever buy again!

Each and every pair of Smelly House Slippers has been well loved. They will be coming already worn in just for you!

* No one likes to put on a stiff pair of house shoes! * 

     When I slip on a pair a house slippers I want them to mold right to my feet and be comfortable. With Smelly House Slipper the mold is guaranteed, adding just a bit more cushion to your precious feet. We have worked hard to cultivate our patented aroma. You will feel like you have had these shoes forever. They quickly feel like your old favorite slippers, because now they really are!
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     -- Order your pair today. There are only 3 easy installments of $19.95 (plus taxes and shipping) but don’t worry your slippers will ship out immediately. Just imagine the relaxation you are going to feel. Act now, supplies are limited!!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Started a new blog radio show it is me being real & I hope you read the blog and then listen in thanks

I have started a new Blogtalkradio show. It is called Life's Lessons & Extreme Content. Here is the link

You can call in (347) 843-4325 and dissuss the topic that was picked for the day. There is also a chat that happens at the same time if you do not feel comfortable calling. Finally you can email me questions
at least it says I can get messages there so give it a try if you want. For the first time in my life I am merging my hidden DID world with my other world. It is time.

I also have a Facebook page that I would love for you to like and comment on it.
I am hoping to have some help in coming up with topics to cover. I also have not set a time of day. The cool thing is that I can do this every day. My thoughts are kind of going towards having differnt days wth diffent times to accomedate people better. I would love to hear thoughts on this as well. So please feel free to go to my page and follow my radio show and like my fb page.