Saturday, August 9, 2014

Does the idea of a child being lost, hurt, scared & alone on the streets scare you?

For years I have wanted to help kids in distress. Gradually my focus started to find a focal point in the homeless, transient, and at risk youth, primarily LGBT youth but I am not excluding any kids here. I believe even one child out there alone, afraid, hungry, scared and hurt is too many. I know you agree with me. It is time to stop waiting for someone else to fix the problem and realize this is our problem, my problem and your problem. I know there are some groups, and organizations that already have some Safe House programs in place. My goal is to form a Web. This web  will reach out and link any Safe House program out there already around the world. This web will work to find new Safe Houses where there are none, helping to get more kids off the streets in every city. I know Have a Gay Day talked a bit about this. I believe we can expand on it.

If you know of a Safe House, a Safe House Organization, a safe local of any type please let me know at Eventually I hope to have some special Safe Houses set up that are working farms both in the country and in urban areas to help kids gain a bit of life skills as well as a sense of accomplishment and pride. That is a far end goal that would take a lot of funding, land, places, people, so right now I am focusing on what I can do. Together we can start this network. Right now I am working on the beginning stages, the framework. We need the foundation to help keep the kids safe and I need all the help I can get.

I need volunteers to help me pour over the internet to find all the networks already established and to check them to make sure they are legitimate. We can’t send kids into a place that is not verified and potentially worse than where they are coming from. We need legal advice to keep it above board. We need a board of directors. We need a mission statement. We need a website. We need a programer. We need funding: donations, grant writing, etc. We need volunteers for every step of the way, in every city. I need help forming this Non-Profit. I need to know where I go wrong and where I am right. I need to get this off the ground yesterday. So who’s in? I am personally asking Mr. George Takei, Pink, and Felicia Day for help with this project as well because all 3 are personal heroes of mine and I believe their voices would be heard much clearer than mine and carry further. Please help as the homeless epidemic in just this country is so vast it is going to take all of us caring and giving something. What can you spare?