Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Please Help me get to my baby brother's boot camp graduation.

I will be posting a video later today but here is the information so far. Here is the link to my actual wish if you would like to see it. Wish to see Cade Graduate Boot Camp If you can help in anyway through donation you can donate through the link or to my paypal. My paypal ID is Please share this. I need all the help & support I can get.

Cade is the youngest of us kids on my moms side of the family. He is the baby. He was a lot younger than all of us and so he was the baby to all of us. He joined the United States Navy just like my husband. We are so proud of him. He left at the beginning of May & will graduate June 27th. My husband,  also active duty Navy, & I really would like nothing more than to be there to show our support & love for my brother on his achievement. We could really use your help getting there. He does not know it yet but our mom & his dad will not be able to be there. His dad is just too ill to make the trip & mom has to stay to take care of him. That is why it is even more important that we are there for him. I know he is going to feel horribly disappointed that they didn't come even though the reason is a good one. I don't want him to feel like his whole family let him down on his special day.

We are in San Diego, CA & the graduation is at Great Lakes, IL.  We are also extremely broke(as I honestly think most military E-4 & below are). I was injured last year in June & became unable to work. I had to go through rehabilitation & I'm only now able to return to work. That really took a toll on us financially & we have no savings at all. We have really been working just to dig ourselves out of debt. Being there means everything in the world to us. Please help us.

We have figured the cost of both driving & flying. This does not take into account if someone wants to use miles or vouchers for rooms or flights to help lower costs.I just need to be there. If you can think of a cheaper way, I am not choosy. Please help make this happen. We are so open to ideas and hoping that people will be able to come through for us in this and for Cade.

We have figured out the gas price for the trip using with the gas price based at $4.15 a gal. I would also need 2 hotel stops each way, so 4 total, due to the injuries I have suffered. I really can not do more than 10 hours in a car at a time. Rooms I have seen from the $60s-$120 depending on where we stop. Gas & hotels would be $862-$1,102 round trip. Kayak shows airline tickets starting at $507 with all fees included for 1 ticket, 2 would be $1,014. I think less expensive tickets could be bid on through priceline also.  Thank you