Monday, September 22, 2014

It's the end of the World as we know it.. aren't I odd! Thoughts on Resurrection, Organ Donation, and Dark Humor

Even though I just put this in the title I feel I should put it again. This is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. It involves odd topics of conversation covering the Resurrection, Organ Donation and Dark Humor. Read at your own damn risk. If you do not like it, to damn bad! I suggest you post in the comments below and let the author know exactly how you feel. She will take every word into careful consideration before filing into appropriate filing repository.   

  So I was talking with my roommate as I tend to do, talking that is. I think I had somehow mentioned cremation. Well, he said it was better than being an organ donor. This sort of surprised me as he is in the medical field. He had good reasoning though. See he filled me in on some details I had previously missed out on in Sunday school as a child. In some faiths at the time of the Rapture, those who have passed away will be brought back whole. Now think this through carefully. We sure did.
     This is where he sold me on it. He said if you were an organ donor all your bits, pieces and parts are going to be all over the place. To get back to make a "whole you" it will take some work. First the parts will have to be pulled or ripped from where they are currently taking up space. *icky sounding even just in my head* Second all these various body parts and organs are going to have to find their true home, probably by flying through the air "spiritually." I know exactly what your thoughts are at this point because I know what my initial reaction was.
     It is going to be EXACTLY like Disney's FANTASIA! Only instead of sparkles and cleaning paraphernalia flying through the air, with blatant racism, and cartoons drawn by those extremely high on something hallucinogenic (shrooms?) you end up with something a bit different. What you get will be organs and body parts leaving a bloody mess everywhere! Still I am pretty sure there will be lots of racism because we cannot seem to have organized religion without it. Furthermore, I am sorry to say, but there will be no cartoons. The last one is disappointing, but when you have freaking organs ripping out of this person, zooming down the block and hoping a ride before deciding, nope still the wrong body, exceptions must happen. Oh, now more than ever I cannot wait for the resurrection to occur.  Popcorn anyone?


  1. HAHAHA! That sounded like an interesting conversation. only think i can say is why not save time and just regenerate the entire person without the mess. Think it would be more along the lines of Dr Who's regen than organs flying thru the spiritual air. besides we are all supposed to get immortal bodies then anyway right? right?

  2. I have to agree with you, you raise a very good point. Life would be much better in this scenario if upon Armageddon/Ragnarok and the Resurrection we all became Timelords.