Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I am getting tired of all the Political Whining I read and hear.

If more people who cared about the country would actually do something in politics rather than whine and bitch on the side lines  maybe more would be possible. From what I tend to see though most people seem to be perfectly happy either voting in those in power or choosing not to vote at all and then just bitching from the sidelines while really doing nothing productive to actually put their words into actions.  I think people just like a reason to bitch. Maybe deep down bitching makes people happy and if there was nothing to bitch about everyone would actually be truly miserable.

If you really want things to change you have to get involved in making changes happen. you can't sit around waiting for someone else to make them happen. That is not how it works. Get off your ASSES and get work. I am not supporting any particular political belief or ideology here. I am just saying that if you are truly tired of how things are going maybe the real problem is YOU! YOU did this. All of the YOUS out there, including me. We all voted or didn't this country to the place that it is today. We as a group voted in everyone from the President all the way down to the town Mayors. That is a lot of people. 

Its very hard to effect change from the top. Its like Jinga. Have you ever tried to topple the tower of blocks by pulling one of the top blocks out? NO, you pull out a strategic bottom few until the tower collapses. That is a very very simplified look at how you can change the government of this country. 

You start by getting involved in your local area and government. Start VOLUNTEERING in your Community, and effect immediate positive change in your local community. Figure out what needs to be done in your community. See what jobs are available in your city. Run for one of them. Gather support for it. Run a good campaign, a clean campaign and try to get to know the community. WIN! Do a great job! While you are in office spend this time really getting to know the town and the town people. Learn it from the inside out. Make your face know. Keep up your VOLUNTEER WORK.

 At the end of the term you decide what to run for next. It all depends on how competent you feel about knowing, not only your current job, but also what need accomplished in the town. If you feel pretty confident that you can do the job then RUN FOR MAYOR! Do the same stuff you did to win the other office. If you do not win, DON'T BE A DOUCHE. No one likes a sore loser. Be graceful. Congratulate the winner, but keep working towards your goal. Keep running for office, keep working in the town. Keep doing what needs doing. STAY INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Keep volunteering. Keep effecting change. Keep your eye on the goal. 

You become Mayor, your work on the town. You get the town all squared away no matter how long this takes. If its more than one term you run again. YOU DO NOT QUIT. You do not resume your bitching. You focus on what you can do and what needs done. You pull out the bottom blocks to eventually topple the tower. Once you feel you have done all you can as Mayor and you have a great community backing you run for the next level up in Government, and repeat and repeat and repeat. The trick is not to rush ahead, not to get frustrated, and to be willing to work with others doing the same thing. That is just my advice though.