Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I am looking for an egg donor, or someone willing to carry a pregnancy for me.

Im putting it on here. I haven't felt up to talking to people in awhile.. I mainly stay off line and avoid talking to people. I am asking here if anyone out there would be willing to have a baby for me. My eggs are bad. They can not support life. What I am saying is I would need someone willing to have a baby of their own that they would be willing to let me adopt. This is a very hard thing to ask and an even harder thing to contemplate let alone do. If you know someone who is willing please let me know. I really want to be a mother. Thank you for thinking this over. This would require the use of your egg and your uterus most likely. I would need someone willing to have a baby for me. I am willing to have someone move in with me for the duration of the pregnancy so that we could take care of their every need so they would have no worries. We would also be willing to try to come up with some way to cover expenses though this would be harder on us. I want to be a mother so much. I want a baby. If you can help, or you know some one who can help please contact me. My email is

thank you,