Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wishing to Adopt

I created this wish at WishUponaHero. Please read and share with as many people as you can. I truly believe the more this wish spreads the better our chances of adopting are.

We would very much like to adopt a healthy baby. I am putting this wish up in hopes someone will be able to fulfill our dreams of having a family. I am unable to have children due to medical issues. We believe we would be great parents who know that children are a blessing. If you are someone or know someone who is thinking of putting a baby up for adoption I hope you will consider us.

My husband is joining the Navy so we will have a fairly stable and secure life. I am going back to college to be a social worker. We are both nice, loving and stable people with so much love in our hearts for the baby who will eventually come to us. We are hoping to adopt a healthy baby and that is really all we care about. Boy or girl doesn't matter, we will love either.

We are also listing with an agency Angel Adoption next year but fees for agencies are expensive. We have set up a GoFundMe page to raise the fees for adoption. here is the link so you can also help us accomplish our goal of raising $5000 for the initial payment to Angel Adoption. We have raised $100 of the fee so far. Please share this wish because we feel the more people it reaches the better our chance of adopting.

Thank you for reading,
Johanna & Tom Spalding

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