Monday, February 20, 2012

My Shop is Open Again

I took a bit of time to get organized and I am back with some changes. I took some time to look at my goals:

* Adopt a baby
* Save Money
* Build a successful business
* Be a better friend
* Workout & Get Healthy
* Go To Festivals

I have just listed the ones that really pop into my mind. In order to accomplish everything I want I have decided to take my business to part time. What does this really mean for the business? Well I will list things as I make them, though I probably won't have a lot of inventory all the time. I won't be doing as many custom orders. The custom orders that I do will have time limits that work for me. My clubs will now run quarterly. The next club is from March - May and it is already full. I will list the June - August club for sale in mid April and I will only have so many slots available.

Setting better limits to my business will help me be able to improve the quality and timeliness of what I make and send out. In addition to Batts, Roving, and Yarn I now have Bags, and Stitch markers in my shop. More sewn and hand made items will be added as I decide what I want to make and carry. I also plan on having a portion of profits go to the Adoption Fund. I am planning on having certain items in the shop whose profits go only to the adoption fun. To even begin the process we need to raise $5000 to start the contract with the adoption agency. We plan on using Angel Adoption. To help raise the money we have also started a GoFundMe page. If you want to help us with adoption costs you can donate money, link to my page, help fill my baby hope chest, or buy from my shop. Any help is appreciated.

I have some pretty good ideas about how this year will go business wise and personal wise. We are working towards our goals as we can. To help build my business I plan on continuing to create the best products that I can. I also plan to go to Fiber Festivals and to be more proactive online. I have several new and fun threads in my Ravelry group to help it become more active. I also have 2 fiber festivals lined up already. I plan on going to the Fiber and Music Festival on May 12-13 in Charlestown, IN. I will also be going to the Wine & Wool Festival at Sandhill Crane Vineyards on July 28th in Jackson, MI. There will probably be more added but for now this is what I have. Thanks for reading!

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