Saturday, January 14, 2012

This year we plan to Adopt and Rebuild my business.

We are working towards adoption, and would love to have your help! We want to get into a more financially secure position so that we can adopt without worry. Having my business improve and succeed is so important because it will allow me to stay home with my future children while still making an income. We have set up a donation page through GoFundMe to work towards this goal.

I want to improve my business. Eventually I would love to open up my very own brick and mortar shop down the line. For now I really want to build my business back up to become self sustaining while at the same time work on getting ourselves ready to bring home a future baby. I want to replenish my supplies and improve my efficiency. I have some limitations that currently impact my life and my business. There are so many things that could help from little to grand. This goal is not just for donations, this is also a working goal for us to hit as a family.

This year I want to do several things that require a good amount of money. I have over 100lbs of wool that I would love to get washed professionally so that I can dye it and make batts up. I would love to get a motorized drum carder to save my right arm and shoulder. There are lots of little things I would love to get for my business like more dye pans, move gloves, and different colors of dye. I also want to replenish my wool, yarn, and combed tops and odds & ends for my batts.

The other thing we want to start doing is working towards having a nursery. We want things like cloth diapers, crib sets, bibs, diaper stackers, things that we will be able to use once we have completed the adoption process.

If you can help in any way I really appreciate it. You can help either through donation or through buying products from my shop. I sell drum carded batts, hand dyed roving, and yarn. I also sell sewn goods and batt add ins. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your help!

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