Thursday, January 5, 2012

I have closed my shops to reorganize, estimated reopen in Feb

I have closed my shops online to reorganize them and I plan on reopening them in Feb. I just wanted to make a blog about it in case someone goes looking and sees them shut down. I did leave my sandwich bag pattern up since that is an emailed PDF pattern. If there are things you hope to see in the new shop line up please let me know. I plan on having a section for adoption funds. I plan on having self striping yarns in the following colorways:
Mad Science Experiment that is black light reactive: Electric Violet, Neon Yellow, Chartreuse
Oh for the Love of Goth!: Black, Red
What if Ms Piggy & Kermit had kids? : Green, Hot Pink
Ice Pirates: Black, Purple, Grey
80s Child: Aqua, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Black
October’s Party: Golden Yellow, Moss Green, a bit of Red, and Brown.

There will be more but those are certain.

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