Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well we are here! which means we must unpack!

We finally managed to get everything moved up here! Now to unpack. Most of the unpacking has been going on a bit at a time. We are having to find space and reconfigure things. The bed I built with my friend Wanda will not fit through the door. So its sitting in the yard. I am going to cut it in half and then bring it in and bolt it back together!

Also all my work stuff in the RV (at least in the front half) seems to have fallen over so that is a bit upsetting. We got out what we could obviously see was broken then did an emergency cleaning on a fleece that had a dye jar spill dye on it. I am going to go out there tonight to start the actual work because its been really really hot. Tonight it will be cooler and more dealable I think. We are thinking about workspace opportunities and we are thinking about looking into an efficiency apartment or an old kitchen or house. We wont look seriously until Aug and when we are back to an even keel.

Tom has an interview on Tuesday that he is really excited about. He is still focused on the Navy but needs something to do in the mean time! All in all we are doing ok and I wanted to thank everyone who has been buying this week to help out! I hope to start shipping things by this weekend but with the delay getting the RV up here and into it I think it may be Monday when things start shipping. Again thank you all! *hugs to each and every person out there if for nothing else than for having faith in me and my business*

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am in need of some quick cash, please read.

I am really feeling the pinch of moving and I am in need of some quick cash. I really hate putting it out there like this but I am hoping you all understand. If there is anything you are interested in buying I am hoping that maybe now you will go ahead and get it. I hate even asking but if you would like to donate anything because you have been in a similar situation I would also appreciate paypal donations. I have put a paypal donation button on the side of my blog for easy access.

I have created a special coupon "NEEDQUICKCASH" for my artfire shop This coupon will give you an additional 25% off anything in my shop including clubs! Please considering buying something if you love my fibers or yarns. If you would like a custom item please let me know and I will make a listing for you so that you can use the coupon. I have made this good 07-17-2011 to 07-24-2011. This will probably be my last sale for several months so now is a good time to stock up!

I want to thank you all for your business & friendship in the past regardless of your abilities to purchase during this time. If you are not able to purchase yourself but you know someone who may want something please do pass on the coupon. I will also be doing a blog with the same message so feel free to link to the blog. I really need to recoup some of the costs of moving in order to get to the Fiber festival on July 30 in Jackson, MI. Thank you again!
*hugs* Johanna

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We are moving again!

It makes since for us to move to Winchester, KY. We are in the process of that now. We moved one truck load already. We still have to go back tomorrow to get all my work stuff. I am also having a special sale because of the move. Free shipping in the US & Canada with coupon "MOVING" in my artfire shop. I am hoping to be back to work by Tuesday. All orders made this weekend will ship out by Friday next week! I will do an actual blog soon!

Friday, July 1, 2011

TTC: Finally a Happy Dr Appointment Update!

I wanted to share with everyone that I finally got some good news from the Dr visits! Even though I only have a left sided uterus what I do have has healthy blood flow. I do have a small rudimentary horn but it has no endometrium so I do not have to have surgery to remove it. Also I have a fully functioning pair of kidneys & urinary system (this had been a concern), with blood work and sonogram to prove it. They also did a blood test that shows the age/viability of my eggs and they are all healthy and fine. I am a lot less stressed about time factors now (with my age it was starting to worry me too)

The dr has given her blessing to try again but we are waiting for a bit. They did one last set of blood work to try to figure how best to help me keep future pregnancies. The dr said it may turn out to be a really simple thing like taking a baby asprin to keep my blood thin enough. I will know more about those tests in a week or so and she will call with the results. All in all I was so much happier with this dr visit than past ones!