Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vote yes for me on Heartsy?

Hi everyone! I am trying to be able to offer a deal on Heartsy. To do that I have to have 60 people say yes to my photos in 72 hours. The link is here and if you get the chance I would really appreciate you voting yes for me! Feel free to share the link with your friends! Thanks!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Orchid Portrait Colorway now available!

I have created a new colorway that I am very excited about! It is called Orchid Portrait. It is currently available in both my artfire and etsy shops. The colors are white, light green, dark green, lavender, and a hint of brown. The materials that I have made the hand pulled roving and batts are made of Merino, Bamboo, Firestar, Alpaca. Here are some phots:

I also now have Hand Pulled Roving, new batts, and 2 brand new clubs in my shops!

I am in awe today and I want to brag!

I think almost everyone who reads my blog knows that I make batts, along with dyeing roving and yarn. I also usually tell all my customers that I would love to see what they make with them. Well I have made some custom batts for a wonderful woman who spins lace weight yarn. She also knits these fantastically wonderful pieces of art that are also called shawls! She shared some photos and wrote a blog showing the shawl she made. I am really in awe and also feel pretty amazed that something I made for her became this beautiful Jaali shawl. It just gives me a happy buzz to see what the products I made become. I hardly ever finish a crocheted or knitted project so I am always amazed at what others make!

The batts I sent her looked like this

Through the magic of lace spinning and knitting they became this (photo from Fleegle's blog)

Fleegle has an amazing blog that I really love reading. she is very descriptive and imaginative so if you are looking for a new blog to read check hers out! She is also teaching a supported spindle class at SAFF that I wish I could take!

If anyone else has photos of finished projects that you would like to send, I would love to see them! I now want make up a whole bunch of new batts for the shop using different graduated colorways!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Monthly Ever Improving Me Newsletter!

I have created a new monthly newsletter. If you would like to sign up for it please follow the link Here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We have loaded up the porable workspace (RV)

and tomorrow afternoon after my Dr apt. we are heading to house sit for a friend for 10 days. This is sort of cool because we are going to really work to fill up my Artfire & Etsy shops. We are also building up stuff to sell at the Wine and Wool festival on July 30! Most of all we are having some alone time! We get to take care of some fun loving kitties, an adorable dog, and some alpacas! Its like a working vacation!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SOLD: Talia 1lb 7oz Raw White Alpaca Fleece - Very Clean, very soft

Talia had an approximately 1 lb 7oz raw fleece. She was White with some guard hair. Talia had a 3" Avg. staple length, and she had very little VM. The photos show a few larger pieces of hay but we picked those out before we rolled the fleece back up. Talia is very soft and very clean even in the raw. Her full fleece is rolled into a sheet of brown paper though for shipping I think taking it off of the paper will make it easier. If you have any questions please ask and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. Thank you for looking! Talia has been sold. Thanks.

Monday, June 13, 2011

TTC: the blues

I had a great weekend. I mean it was really wonderful. I went on a sort of extended date with Tom. We hung out with friends in Louisville. We went to Cirque Du Soleil Alegria and it was so beautiful. I felt full of life and I remember thinking I am going to stop being depressed and start being happy and full of life again. I really meant it too though somewhere between Sunday at the show and tonight, the depression comes crawling back. I hate it so much. I want my life back and I dont think it will ever be the same again.

I have had a few different friends that we had not talked to in awhile ask us how the baby was doing recently. I also keep getting all the stupid baby group messages I signed up for so I know exactly where my pregnancy should have been right now. I usually delete them immediately and just try to pretend they were junk mail. Tonight I finally decided to figure out how to make them stop coming but that meant I had to go to the baby site. I had to reset my password but I got it to stop. I also cried a lot and just felt so empty. I really want to pain to stop. I talk to people some times and I can tell they think I should just get over it already. I have pretty much tried to put on a happy face about it most of the time and just move on. My heart just does not listen and I do not think it ever will. I think about my stupid dad. He was not a nice many by most any ones telling but I still loved him. He died 4 years ago and I still get upset at times thinking about him though I no longer feel guilty. I dont think I can handle 4 more years of that. I had thought of getting pregnant again and that would fix it somehow, but now we all know thats probably only going to cause us more grief.

im sure tomorrow will be better. i just need more color or something. *hugs*

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sold - Raw Unskirted White Alpaca

This fleece has been sold. Thanks to all who looked!

SOLD: Bella - Raw White Alpaca fleece 2lbs 9oz

I would like to introduce you to Bella. She is apparently very playful because she has dirty tips, and she is dusty. Bella has some guard hair and she is white with about a 3-4" Avg Staple length that I could tell. Bella did not have too much VM and should clean up nicely. Bella has been sold. Thanks!

FS: Raw Unprocessed Cotton 17lbs left Selling by the pound $4

For sale is 17lbs(sold 17lbs already) of Raw unprocessed cotton, by the pound. I am totally open to offers on this cotton. This is cotton that has not been washed, picked, ginned, shaken, cleaned, anything. Just so we are all straight, its dirty. It was on the ground and I picked it up. $4/lb please. Its perfectly good cotton, it just turns out my hand cards are the wrong kind to work with it. This is now listed on my Artfire shop and in my Etsy shop for your convenience. Thank you for looking!

FS: 28lbs 6oz Fawn Alpaca Raw Fleece for Sale $10/lb + Shipping

This is 28lbs 6oz of Raw Fawn Alpaca. The colors range from the lighter fawn to the darker fawn. The average staple length that I pulled out was between 2-3". These are more dusty. Some of the fawn has more VM and some of it has Dirty tips. This is for sale by the pound. If you would like to buy this I have listed it in my Artfire Shop and my Etsy Shop so that you can shop where ever you feel more comfy. I can also simply invoice you through paypal via invoice if you email me.