Sunday, December 25, 2011

TTC: Some thoughts about adoption and babies

As many of you know we have decided to try adopting as my body is not really up carrying a baby right now. We want to start forward with our plans to make adoption a reality. One of the ideas I had was to dedicate some lines of fiber, yarn, and other random items to raising money for adoption. These are ideas right now but they will be finding a way to reality in my new shop line up next year. The thought there is any money made from those things will go into a separate account that we are setting up to save for adoption costs. I am feeling pretty excited by these ideas and wanted to share some happy thoughts with you all. I had a dream a few nights ago about me and Tom and a child. In the dream we were just a bit older and the dream was happy this time. I woke up feeling hope for the future and that is what I want to take into the new year. I am thinking about setting up one of those goal pages that shows a sort of fundraiser type thing so that we can keep track of where we are with our adoption goals. If anyone knows how to do this I would love to hear how. Best of luck to anyone else out there on their trying to conceive journey.

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