Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Thank you and Giant Hug!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! You are the reason I keep going sometimes! I swear the world for me at least is brightened by being able to get to know you all! I know that sounds cheesy but its true. There are so many times when life sort of beats us all down and I see time and time again how everyone on here reaches out to each other and helps to lift them up. I tell people about Ravelry everywhere. A few times I have had people ask if I worked for them laughs and then I tell them no but its just a terrific community. I invite people everywhere I go to join Ravelry or come to a local knit/spin group, or even to visit a LYS. There are just too many people who are working hard and need to find some friends and have some fun. I think the yarn/fiber communities are perfect for this. I hope you are all doing well. I also hope that you are all taking some time out for yourself right now because I am sure you are all going full speed ahead with your own working & living! Please just enjoy some fun time!

I also want to tell yall that I am really enjoying the people that I work with. I think this new job will be a good one that I can do for a long while. There seems to be a very supportive management so that right there is great because we have all had those managements that is not so supportive. Also my coworkers are very sweet. I honestly have not met anyone who was really not pretty alright. The last day of classroom training was on Friday so I brought cake for everyone. Tuesday I start my Nesting which will start getting me on the phones. Then Sunday I start my actual work schedule. I will be working 10am-7pm which are good hours for me to have family time. Its been a bit hard not seeing much of Tom the past few weeks. My days off are going to be Wednesday & Thursday so Thursday will probably be my new shipping day. For now I think it will only be the 1 time a week for certain (though I will also probably be able to ship here and there at other times). Big Huge Hugs & much Love to all of you and everyone else out there in our cyber neighborhood!!

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