Saturday, December 24, 2011

Magical Memories

Today I found myself thinking of some of my favorite holiday memories. I remember when we were very young that moment of waking up while it was still dark and creeping into the living room with my brother and sister to try to catch Santa. It was always magical when we saw the tree all light up with lights in the dark and presents were under the tree, proof that Santa had come! We would be so thrilled to rush into the room and best part was the Stockings. Momma was usually sleeping and we would jump on the bed telling her that Santa had come. She would usually move to the couch to nap a while longer and tell us we could open our stockings.

the stockings were these wonderful red velvety things that were literally stuffed to the brim and over flowing! Inside there was always an apple, an orange, mixed nuts and some sort of chocolate, a candy cane and a surprise. We would pour our stockings out and start on the chocolate while we looked for the surprise inside. I miss those times and the magic of being a kid seeing things through my young eyes. There was so much magic in the world then. I hope this holiday season we can all see something magical in spending time with people we love.

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