Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anywhere near Bowling Green, KY? Come to a Ravelry meet up!

So you all know that I am vending at a Quilt Festival on Nov 4 & 5 right? Well I was just told to day that it may be a bit slow on Friday and that there will be plenty of space. My thoughts are to turn the quilt show into an impromptu Ravelry meet up! So if you are anywhere near Bowling Green, KY I hope you will consider grabbing a chair and coming to hang out. I think it would be amazing to have people come to the quilt show to see a bunch of us knitting, spinning or what ever craft you want to do hanging out in the vending hall! The Quilt show is at the WKU Museum from 9:30-3:30 Central time. If you need any directions or have any questions let me know. For all who show up even to just hang out for a bit I will be entering all you your names for a drawing for something of your choice from my shop. If you are not nearby but know of someone who is that may enjoy hanging out please forward this along! I hope to see you all there! I will have my drum carder and drop spindle!

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