Monday, October 17, 2011

Destash Raw Alpaca, Raw Wool, Cotton - For Sale or Trade, Open to Offers

Ok I am having a bit of an issue. we have went from a house with a garage workspace to a 2 bedroom apartment. I do not have the room to store all of the raw alpaca and wool that was living in the RV(It was over 300lbs now down a bit). I also can not process it all in this apartment as its just no longer convenient for me. I still have bags and bags of raw fleece that I don’t know what to do with it. There is some really nice alpaca and some seconds and thirds in these bags. Some have more straw than others some are really filthy (the grey) some smell a bit musty.

That said I have had it up for sale for awhile. Now I am putting it up for trade or offers as I really need to destash it. Of course if you want to buy some outright please do let me know. I have a month of storage left and that is where the fleece will be living for the next month but I hope to get rid of it all by then. Let me know if you are interested in some. I have found that I can fit about 4lbs (maybe more) into a large Flat Rate USPS Priortiy shipping box and depending on where you are it is probably about the same as parcel post (about $1.50 more maybe) Thanks!

Here are photos of the alpaca fleece & cotton, but I don’t have photos yet of the wool. I will see if I can get some time in the next few days (the prices were what I was selling it for but again I am now open to trade or offers) Send me a message here, on ravelry, or at my email.

Approximately 125lbs of raw wool, unknown breed. White fiber that is old enough the grease has turned that orangey look on it. Pretty nice staple length probably 4-6 inches at least from the bits I checked here and there. It washes up nicely.

I have also washed up some of the Baby Suri Alpaca in a red brown color. I have approximately 4lbs. It does contain some VM and will need to be picked and I would recommend washing again as it was filthy. If you are interested in the washed fiber it will be $2.50/oz.

Raw Fawn Color Alpaca varies from light, med, dark 20lbs $10/lb + Shipping This is for sale by the pound. This alpaca is dusty. Some of it has dirty tips. Some is relatively clean. Some has more VM than other parts. Its sort of a mixed bag here.

Rose Grey Raw Alpaca Fleece 15lbs $7/lb + Shipping This fleece is also for sale by the pound. This one is what I would call filthy dirty and the lower price reflects the extra work you have to do.

20lbs of Raw White Alpaca fleece $10/lb + Shipping This will be for sale by the pound. The staple length varies but a good bit of it was around 2 1/2” - 3” There did not seem to be much VM in what I was taking out to photo but it did seem very Dusty. Also this seemed to range from white to off white to orange white.

Down to 5 of Raw Unprocessed Cotton Available. Selling this by the pound. ($4/lb Please) If you are a cotton lover, this one may be for you.


  1. Do you have any darker brown alpaca? Like a nice dark mahogany brown with red tones?

  2. Ebonraven - cushing has a great color "mahogany" that you can dye with.

  3. I will have to check out that mahogany color from cushing it sounds nice!