Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 weeks until my 1st Fiber Festival (PANIC)

As the days are counting down now to my 1st fiber festival I will be vending at Panic (yes with a capital P) has started to set in! I will be vending at the Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival on October 14-15, Friday 1-7, Saturday 9-5. The festival is being held at Harrison County Fairgrounds, 341 South Capitol Avenue, Corydon, IN. I would love for anyone who can to come and say hello. I think I will be there alone and this is a bit of a scary thought for me so I am hoping to at least get to talk to some friendly people! Also will there be anyone else who is a Phatfiber Sampler Box participant (contributor or buyer) there? I should have some Phatfiber cards to give out if I can find them! Mainly I would love to know how you found me!

I have been working on what I am taking with me (though this past week I have not felt well so I did not get much done.. really I am ready to upgrade my body to the new improved model *grin* but I don't think its happening any time soon) and I am slowly getting it all ready. I will be taking batts (smooth, luxury, and chunky), combed top/roving, hand dyed yarn, and a few of my left over silk hankies. I will be getting supplies later this month to restock silk hankies for hopefully the next festival. I have also decided that I will be bringing some small project bags to make kits. I am thinking something like choose your bag & yarn or fiber with a discount for buying both. I guess they would also be for sale on their own but I am not sure how well they would go over. People in my group on Ravelry seem to like them so I will give them a try and see.

I will be staying with a friend in Louisville for the festival because its within driving distance for me. My RV broke down so now all trips will have to have some sort of staying arrangements. Lucky for me for I have a friend to stay with for my 1st & 2nd festivals. The 4th festival in Dec I will be sharing a hotel with some other vendors who are friends so that is great. I still have to figure out something for Nov 4 &5 in Bowling Green but I am sure I will find something!

I am also getting together things like receipt books for sales and for preorders, Business cards, Some sort of Signage so you all can find me, Labels for everything, Visa/Mastercard sign so you all know I can take a credit card payment, the phone jack that lets me take credit card payments, table, chair, stuff to set up.. The list seems to grow but it will be fun I think. If you are thinking of coming and wondering what payments I will be able to take, I will tell you that I will take cash, check, credit cards, and small children left in the booth unattended! I hope to make it as easy as I can on myself and anyone wanting to buy something. I am not sure about bags though.. I never got any and don't really know if I want them. Any thoughts here? That is about all I have for today!


  1. You could always save your grocery bags from shopping (unless you bring your own) and reuse them. I imagine some people will opt out of a bag if their making the rounds around the vendors and just put it all in one.

    Good luck! I know you will do awesome. I went to a teeny tiny craft fair yesterday and sold $1 worth of cards. My friend who manned the table with me did better, she sold $100 of pottery left from our college days.

  2. I do have some saved up but I am just not sure about them. Im sorry your small festival did not do so well. Your friend does seem to have done good though. I am teetering back and forth on how I think I will do!