Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do you do with the fiber?

The fiber that sticks to you at the end of the day when you have been spinning or carding? You get the little bits that have decided they like your shirt, pants or whatever else you happen to be wearing! Well for myself I use a simple little tool. My husband mistakenly thought it was for doing dishes! Silly man! Is it his fault? Well no its not because that is after all how the little green scour pads are marketed. The companies that make them believe they should be used to scrub pots out. I am talking about this guy right here:
Birdwell Cleaning 358-36 Green Scouring Pad I linked it to the place I got the photo from along with all the place you can buy one of these little babies if you want!

So I take one of these and cut it into several smaller pieces like this:

This I take and rub across my clothes at the end of a carding session and I get this:

I put the fiber in a bag to save for an art batt! That was my simple tip of the day! How do you deal with the fiber that clings to your clothes? Or how do you use your scrubbie pads beside dishes? I love new ideas!


  1. This is awesome!! I usually wear an apron and it's always covered in fluffies at the end of a carding session!!


  2. I also tend to wear an apron and then its just a simple brushing of it with the scrubbie!

  3. What a great idea, I will try that to get dog hair from my clothes!

  4. This is Brilliant!!! Will have to put some in my spinning basket!