Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mad Science Experiment a new fun colorway in my shop!

I have been finding some fun new colorways that are repeatable to carry in my shop. One of these colorways is Mad Science Experiment! My husband came up with the name because he said it reminded him of a crazy scientist experimenting in some lab. (Do you think he was insinuating anything here?) As soon as he said this I instantly thought about bubbling vials and beakers of glowing goo spilling over the sides while a crazy person laughs manically! (picture shows a picture of one such mad scientist Sorry but at this time the Crazy Scientist is not included)

These colors are fun and wonderful in florescent yellow that is black light reactive according to the dye, bright green, and dark purple. I really like this colorway and I am looking forward to making more of them. It is available in

Sparkly Soft batt

Combed top / Roving on a BFL Firestar blend but custom on any base

Self striping yarn

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