Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coffee, Tea or Surprise me Sal/Kal - Photo Heavy

This Sal/Kal was a bit challenging in some ways. When going with coffee inspired drinks the colors are all very similar, also some of the teas are pretty similar too. I attempted to get as much variety as I could with my colors and fibers/yarn. Here are the requests or inspirations and what I made. I will post some full photos of the packages too. Each package included the fiber or yarn I made along with a Custom Calligraphy Mug from Heather of and a bunch of goodies (coffee, tea, stitch markers, coffee & tea flavored candies. Really this was the best package I have ever made and I hope to work with Heather again! She sent me all the goodies and I divided them up and distributed them all with the packages. Truth be told I did keep a few of the candies though and I am telling you that Iced Tea candy really tastes like Iced Tea!

Here are 2 of the full packages, one yarn and one fiber: Thank you Julie & Hilary for the photos!

Here are my requests with the photos:

Thai Iced tea Yarn Package:
Here we did a self striping worsted weight SW Merino yarn. I went with a 6,2,3,2 striping pattern with 6 stripes of darker red brown for the tea on bottom. Both 2 stripe sets were in a bright red-brown for where the cream first hits the tea making it bright looking. The 3 stripes were in a lighter red-brown with bits of white here and there for where the cream really mixes in and shows up on its own. Lovely yarn though I don't recommend drinking it with a straw!

Ethiopian Tea batt package:
For this batt I went with a chunky more art style batt. The colors were browns, oranges, sage green and the barest bit of purple. I used wool, BFL, Merino, Firestar and Silk Noil to give the overall look of loose ethiopian tea.

Chai Latte Batt package:
This batt packages was semi-smooth because I added just a bit of sik noil to represent the freshly ground nutmeg that would be sprinkled on top and drift down through the latte. You simply can not have a chai latte with out fresh nutmeg its just not the same! This one is similar to the vanilla latte but it has a much lighter brown bottom that is already blending with the creamy milk moving up to a creamy white top layer representing the foam and whipped cream sprinkled heavier on the top with the nutmeg silk noil. This batt was made up of Polwarth, Wool, Bamboo, Firestar (I think but not sure), and Silk Noil.

Herbal Tea Sock Yarn package:
This yarn was done in a self striping sock yarn on my SW Sock base that is a Sw Merino, Bamboo, Nylon blend. This is a nice yarn in a bigger striping pattern of 5 sets of 4 stripes. the colors are 4 maroon, 4 espresso bean, 4 dark maroon, 4 grey, 4 espresso bean. This yarn reminds me of some of the darker herbal teas with the bright floral bits in them.

Espresso or Cappuccino fiber surprise:
(I forgot to take the photo) but it was a BFL Tussah Silk combed top in a 70/30 blend. I dyed it in the darker colors of the Espresso Beans. Dark greys, reds, and browns with the colors randomly mixing in spots. It was very dark and lovely. I may get a photo of it if I am able.

Passion Fruit Tea on a Cotton Sliver base:
I also forgot to take this one! A picture will be coming soon though! The colors were red-purples, reds, lighter purples, grey purples, a bit of blue and some pinks. The cotton sliver really takes the dye nicely and I am looking forward to seeing it spun up! Picture thanks to Krista!

Caramel Macchiato batt:
These batts were made with Alpaca, Bamboo, Fine Merino, Firestar, and Polwarth. They are very smooth and fluffy. They have just a bit of brown on the bottom for the caramel usually settling, then a thick layer of white for the milk, with a nice layer of brown on top for the espresso floating above the milk and just a bit of white drizzled on top for whipped cream.

Super smooth Vanilla Latte with a bit of Caramel dribbled on top:
The vanilla latte had a layer of darker fiber on the bottom where the espresso would be poured, with lighter brown mixing with white as when the milk and foam get added, fading to only white on top the bit of just creamy foam, then drizzled with some caramel colored firestar lightly. This was also a very soft and smooth batt with Polwarth, Bamboo, Wool, and Firestar.

Hand Pulled Roving in a Non Decaffeinate Surprise:
For this one I went with BFL, Silk, and Merino (no nylon at the customers request). I choose colors of Fruit Tea. These colors are nice and bright purples, pinks and reds with bits of orange all blended with light and dark browns. Again no picture for this one. (Yes I am very forgetful these days).

Nonfat Vanilla Latte fiber package:
This delightful yet lower in fat batt was made in Bamboo, Firestar, Polwarth, and wool. The darker espresso brown bottom was a bit thicker here because of less milk fat. The middle layer blends the espresso browns with the creamy milk whites. The top layer is a bit whiter here with more foam for your enjoyment!


  1. These are just beautiful! I loved reading about your thought processes when putting together the various beverages.

  2. You got a lot of variety out of that theme! I know it's over, but it would have been fun for an art batt based on Bubble tea, with biggish nubs of fiber for a super-tweedy look. That idea could be a standalone.

  3. Heather thank you! I like to share the process because I think it helps people to see what I see. Also I like to tell stories *grin* and talk!

  4. Gillian that is a great idea! I have gotten so many great ideas and I want to make some for the shop and my upcoming fiber festivals. If its ok with you I would love to use your idea for Bubble tea! If you have an inspiration photo you want to share also that would be swell! It sounds like a really fun idea. I really like making things other people inspire if that makes any since!