Friday, August 19, 2011

Shop update on Order Ship outs

hello everyone! I am doing much better than I have been. Tom started working 2 weeks ago at a job he is enjoying that lets him use his technical know how. Slowly we are catching up on bills and things. The money got very very tight there for a bit because of the quick move, and then my medical expenses. I know there are orders that already late, you all do too but I wanted to sort of put out there whats happening and give you some idea of when to expect it.

Tom will get paid next Friday. This matters because we are really broke. I had to use the money in my paypal (where my business money is kept) over the last month for expenses we had not expected. I have a very limited health insurance and the specialist that I have to see is 2 hours one way. For a few weeks there I had to go several times a week. I am telling you all this because the money I should have to ship I had to spend. Its embarrassing to say but i can’t have you all wondering where your stuff is with no explanation. We had no income for a few months other than what I could bring in with my business so my account got tapped out. We are going to start putting money back in from Tom’s paychecks to do things like ship out orders due and get new supplies slowly as we can.

What this means to you all in order limbo, is that the Sal packages and all other regular orders, will ship out on Aug 29th now. This is for certain and there will be no further delays. Also after this you can expect packages to start shipping out as they should be which for normal orders is usually with in the week they are purchased, custom or pre orders with in 2-3 weeks depending on what the listing says, and Sal/Kals to go as planned. I hope this answers any questions you might have had. Thank you all for understanding, your support, and for basically being you! With out you all I would not even be here so please know that you all matter to me a lot!

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