Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well we are here! which means we must unpack!

We finally managed to get everything moved up here! Now to unpack. Most of the unpacking has been going on a bit at a time. We are having to find space and reconfigure things. The bed I built with my friend Wanda will not fit through the door. So its sitting in the yard. I am going to cut it in half and then bring it in and bolt it back together!

Also all my work stuff in the RV (at least in the front half) seems to have fallen over so that is a bit upsetting. We got out what we could obviously see was broken then did an emergency cleaning on a fleece that had a dye jar spill dye on it. I am going to go out there tonight to start the actual work because its been really really hot. Tonight it will be cooler and more dealable I think. We are thinking about workspace opportunities and we are thinking about looking into an efficiency apartment or an old kitchen or house. We wont look seriously until Aug and when we are back to an even keel.

Tom has an interview on Tuesday that he is really excited about. He is still focused on the Navy but needs something to do in the mean time! All in all we are doing ok and I wanted to thank everyone who has been buying this week to help out! I hope to start shipping things by this weekend but with the delay getting the RV up here and into it I think it may be Monday when things start shipping. Again thank you all! *hugs to each and every person out there if for nothing else than for having faith in me and my business*

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