Friday, July 1, 2011

TTC: Finally a Happy Dr Appointment Update!

I wanted to share with everyone that I finally got some good news from the Dr visits! Even though I only have a left sided uterus what I do have has healthy blood flow. I do have a small rudimentary horn but it has no endometrium so I do not have to have surgery to remove it. Also I have a fully functioning pair of kidneys & urinary system (this had been a concern), with blood work and sonogram to prove it. They also did a blood test that shows the age/viability of my eggs and they are all healthy and fine. I am a lot less stressed about time factors now (with my age it was starting to worry me too)

The dr has given her blessing to try again but we are waiting for a bit. They did one last set of blood work to try to figure how best to help me keep future pregnancies. The dr said it may turn out to be a really simple thing like taking a baby asprin to keep my blood thin enough. I will know more about those tests in a week or so and she will call with the results. All in all I was so much happier with this dr visit than past ones!

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  1. Great news! Here's keeping the fingers crossed that more good news shall be forthcoming (but uncrossing the fingers while I type, since typjthnj wirh rhem crisdsed looks lkike thids.)