Friday, June 24, 2011

I am in awe today and I want to brag!

I think almost everyone who reads my blog knows that I make batts, along with dyeing roving and yarn. I also usually tell all my customers that I would love to see what they make with them. Well I have made some custom batts for a wonderful woman who spins lace weight yarn. She also knits these fantastically wonderful pieces of art that are also called shawls! She shared some photos and wrote a blog showing the shawl she made. I am really in awe and also feel pretty amazed that something I made for her became this beautiful Jaali shawl. It just gives me a happy buzz to see what the products I made become. I hardly ever finish a crocheted or knitted project so I am always amazed at what others make!

The batts I sent her looked like this

Through the magic of lace spinning and knitting they became this (photo from Fleegle's blog)

Fleegle has an amazing blog that I really love reading. she is very descriptive and imaginative so if you are looking for a new blog to read check hers out! She is also teaching a supported spindle class at SAFF that I wish I could take!

If anyone else has photos of finished projects that you would like to send, I would love to see them! I now want make up a whole bunch of new batts for the shop using different graduated colorways!