Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FS: 34lbs of Raw White Alpaca fleece for sale $10/lb + Shipping

Here is over 34 lbs of raw White Alpaca for sale. This will be for sale by the pound. The staple length varies but a good bit of it was around 2 1/2" - 3" There did not seem to be much VM in what I was taking out to photo but it did seem very Dusty. Also this seemed to range from white to off white to orange white. This is older alpaca that was stored that I bought sight unseen then opened up. It all seems pretty soft though. It needs washed. I have found I can ship at least 4lbs in a large flat rate box maybe more but im not sure. If you would like to buy this I have listed it in my Artfire Shop and my Etsy Shop so that you can shop where ever you feel more comfy. I can also simply invoice you through paypal via invoice if you email me.

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