Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh those Moody, Moody Moods...

I thought I was doing so much better. I was starting to feel terrific. I was thinking about work, my fiber/yarn work that is. My life, happy things. Then yesterday I had a day that was very emotional. It turned into one of those crying all day and all night ones. Im not even sure why I was crying. I thought it was one reason but then I would start crying over something else. I woke up this morning with my eyes very swollen from all the crying.

Today though I was feeling more sort of blah.. Not good but not bad you know just sort of here. I think maybe I just really needed to cry and so yesterday my body said yep its time to turn that faucet on and I think we will just let it run for awhile. Today it decided to turn it off and turn on the body here but brain vacated. I have been forgetful all day. I was supposed to give my orders to my friend and she was going to take them to the post office today. I was in such a fog I just forgot. Not that she would have been able to take them anyway because of how flooded everything is around here (but thats a whole other story and its on all the weather I think). Today I went to the temp job did the work and came home. Been doing fibery things for the past few hours. Only now remembered to tell everyone in my group that I did not get the packages sent out. My head is just not here today. Tomorrow who knows?

I think I am just always going to be moody. Not the boohoohoo type. The happy/sad/mad/happy type. Its just how I have always been. I have been medicated for it before but I lose parts of myself creatively and personality wise and turn into a zombie. Also we decided to go off all meds when we decided to actively try to get pregnant. We went off of them in advance even to make sure they were well out of my system. So the moods are just here too stay. There are just not any instant cures. Feelings have to process and somethings hang around longer than others or come back a few times to stay a bit. Its all part of life.

Now on the Improving part of me I talked to RoLynn today of Enchanted Yarn and Fiber. I will be doing a Fiber Workshop in her store. She is going to put it in her newsletter. It will be from 10am -3pm on Jun 4th. We moved the date today due to the weather and to give us more time to prepare and promote it. I will probably do a blog just for it later this week with a link to her shop. I just wanted to mention it because it was a good part of today and its always nice to talk to RoLynn! She is a really sweet lady. I have really been looking forward to this class too so its pretty happy for me. So with that I will say goodnight on a happy note. Sweet dreams all!

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