Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'll Drink to That SAL/KAL Inspirations with the batts or yarn

Its about time for a fiber post *sound the trumpets*!!!! Now that I have that out of my system *grin* I figured you all would like to see what everyone came up with for the last SAL/KAL inspiration wise and what I came up with batt and yarn wise. This will also be helpful in the future for someone who is interested in how my SAL/KALs sort of go. So everyone choose their own inspirations either drink or photos and I went with it from there. The theme was "I'll Drink to That" in honor or maybe in spite of St Patricks Day and all the drinking that typically happens around that time.

Each package came with the batt or yarn, a recipe (sort of) card with the inspiration photo blatantly borrowed for keepsake purposes with a humorous recipe, a plastic drinking glass, some bar type snacks, and of course the "drink" in the form of batt or yarn, with stitch marker garnishes made by Yarndemon just for this SAL/KAL! We will start with her package so you can see the whole package together:

Her inspiration was either a
Purple Haze
or a Venetian Sunset

Me having the since of humor I have I made her a Hazy Sunset

Next there was a request for a Tropical Drink by the pool:

Super Smooth Batt please!

and it looked so good we needed one in Sw Sock Yarn too:

Mastic Liqueur:

Perfect drink for Sweet Smooth and Satisfying Batts:

A couple of Blackberry Crushes were next:

In some Worsted Wool:

Now there is nothing like a Guinness Float:

I served it up in a yummy semi-smooth batt:

Chocolate Martini's are both yummy and sophisticated:

They call for a Luxury Sock Yarn with Merino, Cashmere, and Nylon:

and at the end of the night there is nothing like relaxing with a nice glass of Cabernet:

This one was served up in as Smooth Layered Batt:

All in all it was a great night for all! Be sure to tip your Bartenders *grin*


  1. What a fun collection of cocktails!:)

  2. Absolutely wonderful, and proof that you're very talented!