Friday, May 13, 2011

I am being referred to a Obgyn specialist

Well I have to go see a specialist. When the put the contrast into my uterus the test only showed the left side fallopian tube, no right side fallopian tube, and only a tiny amount of uterus on the left side. The dr has referred me to a specialist (unfortunately insurance will not pay for this so its all self pay) who will go in and look to see what is going on with a camera. There are a few things that it could be:
1) Unicornuate uterus - this means I could only have a uterus and fallopian tube on the left side with a very small thin uterus. This will make pregnancy very dangerous, will have to be monitored constantly, bed rest, very high chance of miscarriage, and there will have to be an early term C-section for safety of both baby and me
2) Bicornuate uterus - this means I have 2 seperate uterine areas separated by a septum, require surgery for removal of septum, drugs to try to prevent scar tissue build up, drugs to then induce pregnancy, C-section
3) Fibroid Tumor - I think this one is pretty self explanatory though probably needs saying its benign just blocking the tube
It may even be something else but those are the things the dr talked over with me. Pretty much I can get pregnant but if I do so I will miscarry 99% of the time with a high chance of bad things happening to me too. I guess I have been lucky that so far I only lost the babies and not been hospitalized. Also pregnancy in the future will most likely be high risk and will always require a C-section do to possible complications. I have an appointment on the 19th with the specialist.

I have decided to really focus on my fiber business because I need to put my energy and focus into something that I can control right now. I can go to drs for this but really there is only so much I can do against mother nature. While I am not ready to just throw in the towel yet I just have to have something else take most of my focus up right now or I will go insane. I am not sure what I would do if I did not have my fiber and yarn to fall back on. The people in my group on ravelry and who I have met because of my fiber and yarn are really the ones who have been helping through this time. I have to give something back to them and to myself, even if its only to keep moving forward with it and not to give up. *hugs to all*


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you that somehow it will all work out and be something that isn't dangerous to you and future baby.

    We love you and are always there (here or on Rav) for you.

    I'd TOTALLY give you my uterus and tubes if I could. SERIOUSLY, I don't want it! :)

    dangerpuddle on rav

  2. You are very sweet and I hope you know how much I really appreciate you. Today was a very odd and emotional day. I am so glad I have my Ravelry friends! *hugs*

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  4. I am sorry for the delay in replying. I switched my blog to Google+ and now I only see Google+ comments. I didn't realize that would happen at the time. I only saw this one when I pulled my blog information onto another platform. I am not even sure if you will see this but if you do. Thank you for the reply. I was very lucky to see some great specialists but unfortunately I am unable to carry to term. That said I do wish it was easier to find specialists out there.