Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting to the Post office - stressful but amusing!

So a funny thing happened to me on the way to the post office. Well several (I did eventually get there but not until Sat) actually. Friday I got up bright and early and went to the garage. I wanted to send out some other packages as well so I went to work on them. I was chugging along, feeling good and feeling accomplished. I figured I will go to the post office after lunch. Tom had took our car to work because Wanda told me I could borrow her jeep, because her hubby was taking his car to work. Everyone following me now? Great!

Lunch time comes and I am still working with a batt on the carder. I stop to get a coffee and take a break when I realize the time. Rik (Wanda's hubby) is about to head back to work because he comes home for lunch. He goes out to the car as I sit down on the porch with my coffee and his car won't start. At all. Lots of noisy noise but no starting. I am now starting to panic a bit on the inside but trying not to let it show because they are the ones having some car trouble and I just need to get to the post office. If he can't get it working he will have to take his jeep back to work and I will not have a car to get to the post office. It wont be the end of the world but I have already missed a week of getting to the post office. He works on the car for about 20-30 minutes and he is able to get it started and off to work he goes.

I finish my coffee with a sigh of relief and go inside to take the batt I had been working with off the carder and put it in a bag. Then I go to print a label for it. My printer starts making this horrible grinding noise for about 30 seconds and then the power shuts off. I turn the power back on open it up, nothings stuck, no paper jam so I try to print again, same thing happens. We do this about 3 times and I am starting to say forget it(well that's the censored version) because this package can just wait. Then it actually starts printing. I am ready to cheer because I have a love hate relationship with my printer. Halfway through printing the page the ink runs out. I am now ready to use something (like one of the very large hammers or possibly the chainsaw) to turn my printer into little bitty bits. My friend Wanda discourages this course of action because it will damage the chainsaw. I decide I am just going to the post office and I will pick up ink while I am out.

All of a sudden it occurs to me as I am thinking about the packages that I forgot to put in the stitch markers from Yarndemon. The stitch markers that she made just for the I'll Drink to That SAL/KAL. Not only that I have no idea where I have put them. The time is now about 1pmish. I think there is still plenty of time to find them and get them into the packages and still make the post office. I am thinking how lucky I am that I actually remembered before I shipped them. So I try to think about where I have put them... I start pacing, looking on shelves, moving boxes. I come inside and look there. I go back out to the garage and look some more there. I am now so frustrated that I really want to cry like a baby because I can't find the stitch markers and I am not sending these packages with out them. I have waited this long to send a perfect package and Im going to send a perfect package... Pace.. pace.. pace.. Move boxes.. pace.. lift things.. pace.. kick desk.. pace..

Tom texts. He is still at work but while on break he went out to the car and has locked the keys inside. So now I have to take the spare key to him. I stop looking for the box of stitch markers that I can not find (it is now after 3pm and the post office is closed btw it is actually about 4:30pm now and I have been looking for those stitch markers for awhile) and I go to take him the key. I get half way there and realize I have forgotten the key. It is still hanging in the closet. At this point I just start laughing. I turn around and get the key to take to Tom. I also got ink for the printer and Tom grabbed pizza for dinner so we ended up relaxing sort of the rest of the night. I still could not find the stitch markers. I had decided I was just going to send the packages with out them on Sat.

I woke up Sat morning and remembered right where I put the box of stitch markers. I took Tom to work then came home to get them (I am not taking any chances today). This is where it gets really funny. See I left them in the priority box that Anita sent them in to protect them. Then so I would not forget them I put them in the packages I put them in my shipping area for safe keeping. They were with the packages all along but hidden because they looked like one of the packages I was sending out. So all the packages got reopened, I added the stitch markers and then repackaged them. Then I because I knew the post office closed at noon and Tom got off work at 12:30ish I played around with my carder for a bit and then headed out at around 11. This turned out to be good because I got to the post office at 11:21. They actually close at 11:30. The good new is the packages have all shipped! The really good news is The Packages Have All Shipped With Everything They Were Supposed to Have!!!

Because of only having one vehicle and working a part time temporary job I am currently only able to ship packages on Friday and Saturday. In the future though I think it will not be this eventful! I will be posting photos of the batts and yarn for the I'll drink to that Sal/Kal as soon as they packages start arriving to maintain the surprise.

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