Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today I dyed some silk to try to get back into the swing of things

My confidence has been really shaken lately. I am semi-closed for a bit but I am trying to come back to me. I have just not felt confident enough to dye anything specific or make anything for anyone in particular. I had a pound of waste silk that I got in my World of Wool order that I decided to do something with. I started out by just washing it. I figured that I could just clean it for later with out any real point to it. I actually looked up how to clean it because I wanted to make sure I followed someones directions.

It cleaned up nicely and then I was going to give it an acid rinse to bring the ph back to a more balanced place. While that was happening I decided to just pour in some dye. My reasoning is its waste silk so in the end I wont mess it up. I poured in some red, blue, green and fuchsia. I actually did that last night. I just left it to soak. This morning I spun the water out and then went through the silk and sat in the sun picking through it to open it up. There was a lot of area that just did not get dyed so lots more that I decided needed over dyed. It was really peaceful sitting in the sun opening up the silk.

Now it is sitting in 5 zipbags with a different color in each. I am doing green, red, fuchsia, aqua, and purple. I think the colors will mesh nicely and give me something to work with once I feel back up to making new batts. I appreciate everyone's well wishes and offers of help and friendship. I will not just roll over and give up. I think sometimes I get really depressed and forget that Im still alive so there is still more for me to do and accomplish. So for anyone out there wondering I am only taking a break for my peace of mind. I will be back open when I feel able to dye confidently and happily. *hugs to you all*

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  1. Hugs right back to you, lady! I'm glad you were able to do something creative again. We'll be here when you feel like coming all the way back! :)