Monday, April 18, 2011

Today I am feeling really good!

I have no idea why or how I just know that right now I feel pretty good. I have gotten some forum posts done on Ravelry. I have gotten a bit more organized in the garage. It may help that today I got a sweet post card, my comb & hackle set, and 7 different colors of angelina. It all makes me want to get back to working even more. Tomorrow I go to a different dr to get a B12 shot and that will also make me feel better. I have Pernicious anemia & Iron deficiency anemia so I tend to get tired if my levels get too low. With everything going on its gotten down there so its time to get the shots again. Life is beautiful today though. I sat outside in the grass for awhile with my friend and just looked at nature. I think its hard to be down when faced with that much green and that much beauty.

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