Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm working a temp job for a bit

This is to get me out of the house and help us catch up on some bills. So far its good that Im doing it because its been storming so bad the power keeps going off here so I could not do my fibery stuff anyway. I am feeling much better most days, others are still not so good but mostly better. It is really helping being out of the house if only because I do not have time to think so much. It is not a permanent job just a temporary thing that came up out where my husband worked and they thought of me. Once the storms pass I should have some new stuff up in the shop I just need the power to stay on. If any of you are out there in the storm areas you be careful and I will keep you in my thoughts. Don't cross roads that have water running over them (I know thats something that should be a given but sometimes we get impatient and give it a try anyway and then cars get swept away) and just be safe! *hugs*

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