Friday, April 15, 2011

30% off sale on hand dyed yarn, roving and batts

I am trying to get out my older inventory so I have decided to have a sale for a bit. 30% off in my artfire shop on all hand dyed yarns, rovings and batts that are in stock. This does not apply to custom orders (I am not doing any of those until I come back in May) or to clubs. I also used Etsy sale I think its called to put all of my hand dyed yarns in my etsy shop though they are the same ones as my artfire. I was just trying it out a bit. Here are some photos of some of what is currently available.

There are more things available but only what is currently in the shop. I believe in May I will be feeling much better. My mood has been lifting lately I think from all of my very supportive friends online and in person, including my husband who is right in this with me. It turns out I still have to go back again next week for more blood work as we have still not hit 0 for the HCG level. I think im finally moving past this and focusing again on other things. Thank you all and have a great weekend.

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