Saturday, March 19, 2011

We got 2 pink lines and the doctor visit

I went to the dr on thursday and told her about the pain I have been having and the bleeding. I told her that my pregnancy tests have all been negative and we discussed my options. She did a pelvic exam, ran a bunch of tests and scheduled an ultrasound on tuesday to try to figure out whats wrong. I have to wait to see what is going on there. I got put on 2 different antibiotics, 1 that should not be taken if pregnant but I thought I was not and since i told the dr that they did not do a pregnancy test. We also talked about my options to get pregnant in the future. The doctor felt we should skip the rest of this month and get my issues fixed first. She also prescribed clomid for next month and told to use an ovulation kit.

I did take the antibiotics that day but all night long I was thinking about that the antibiotics that should not be taken if pregnant. I woke up and asked Tom what he thought about it. We decided I should just take a pregnancy test to ease my mind. (its not like I dont keep them on hand) So I took one and I did not even wait the 3 minutes before glancing over at it. I have to say I looked at it and sort of shook my head and looked again. Nope still 2 pink lines. I told Tom you are not going to believe this but there are 2 pink lines, what does that mean? He went from sleeping to wide eyed and grinning in about 2 seconds flat. I called my dr's office but she is out of town until Monday. They told me to wait a few days and take another test then call back on Monday.

I do not think anyone else could wait a few days either so we went to the health department. Before you know it I had a positive test there too. We asked if there could be any mistake and she said that in all the time she had been there a positive test was positive. She said sometimes there will be a false negative and that is what she thinks we may have been getting. She had to go off of the last menstrual cycle to give me an expected due date of Dec 8, 2011 but she said that the tests usually will not give a positive result unless you are 4-5 weeks along. She said we would probably be due sooner but no way to know for sure until the ultrasound.

We are overjoyed and excited. I know that we should be cautious still but there is just no way that I can be. I feel like my prayers have been answered and now I have to do everything that I can to have a healthy baby. I think from here on out my blog will have 2 parts, my wool/yarn business and my baby/family stuff. I will figure out a way to make sure yall know which one you may be looking at so you get the information that you really want *grin* I say that like there are people out there just hanging on every word I write. I have a high opinion of myself I guess. Really though putting my thoughts out here in my blog helps me to process the things going on in my life.

Lately I have been so discouraged and sick that I have had 2nd and even 3rd thoughts about keeping my business going. I was really starting to feel that I was just doing everything wrong. Thankfully I have some wonderful people that I talk to in my Ravelry group, my Inspineration group, and my Phatfiber group that I belong to. Everyone there has just been so supportive to me that I know that once I get caught up it will be ok. My husband is even helping me catch up so that is wonderful too. We are doing much better and I am emotionally doing much better. Thank you all for everything. *hugs*


  1. Congratulations!!!!
    I have just found your blog - this is the first post i have read : )
    I went through the clomid process too.

    This is a wonderful time! Make the most of every moment : )