Monday, March 7, 2011

My new (to me) Incredible Sweater Machine

I got a Bond Incredible Sweater Machine in the mail today. I think it is the older model of this one:

Its pretty cool. I have no idea how to use it but it was free! All the person who sent it did was ask for shipping for it. How awesome is that? She had gotten a newer/better model or something like that. I am pretty psyched about it because I have been wanting to try a line of sock blanks for those who like to knit 2 at the same time socks with self striping. This will let me figure out if I actually like doing this sort of thing so it will be great!

I wanted to share this quick little update with yall as I really do need to take my butt back out to the garage and get some more work done! I was so sick that everything is about 1-2 weeks behind so that means I gotta work smarter to get it all finished as soon as possible. I wont rush anything because that just messes it all up. Thankfully I keep people in the loop as much as I am able and everyone knows that they will get there stuff about a week late. I will finish them in order of priority. I have it all in my head.. I should really put it all on paper!


  1. I got one in similar circumstances for the same reason! I found these YouTube videos that appear to be the original VHS instructions and they should tell you everything you need to know. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Thank you so much Amy! I am excited to get to try it out and the videos will be really helpful!