Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 3 & 4 on Clomid (only read if interested not a wooly post)

Still recording this stuff for people like me who are trying to conceive or for me if I want to remember how the pills effected me. This is a more graphic blog so may want to avoid it unless you are looking for information on the process.

Day 3 on Clomid was a bit harder than the first two. I was much moodier. I was (and still am) feeling much more bloated than usual. The scale says Im fine so Im not worried just making a note of it. I have kept a headache for the past few days but its not stopping me from hanging out and working. Did I mention I was moodier? Yesterday (day 3) I was crying again. I was very sad, mad and slightly depressed and hopeless feeling. Thankfully those moods passed over to a happier mood most of the day. I just seem more on the edge of my emotions. Funny things will make me laugh so hard tears will run out of my eyes and I cant breath. Sad things will make me just bawl. Its like that.

I am also noticing that I besides feeling bloated I am also more sensitive in my low stomach (im guessing where all my female organs are). I have been walking with Tom and that makes me feel better. All in all we are feeling pretty hopeful. Tom still really thinks we just need to "do it" more. He is pretty confident that we will get pregnant soon.

I think this is the first time in my life that I am openly discussing these sorts of things in a public way. It is odd how we change as we get older. 10 years ago I was concerned about how I looked in a skirt and would we have fun at the club tonight. These days I love my comfy clothes and im thinking thoughts like fertility cycles. I find myself researching the weirdest things too. For instance taking Clomid helps you to release more eggs to make you more fertile. Clomid can also make your cervical mucus dry out. You need that for the sperm to get to the egg to fertilize it right. So I find myself looking at what others have done to prevent this. So far the winners seem to be more water than usual, a baby asprin from day 8 or 9 through the day of ovulation to thin the fluids, also taking musinex is supposed to help (just make sure you take the one that does not have the decongestant as that will also dry you out.

I was even looking into alternative lubricants. Most lubricants out there actually slightly inhibit-to kill sperm. This is not the desired outcome so what are my alternatives? Well I have heard of using room temperature pasteurized egg whites. Am I considering this? Well at this point I am not counting it out. While i do not think we will try that this time around should we end up going through another round of clomid we probably will. These are the sorts of things on my mind right now. I want a baby more than anything. There comes a point where there is no "just relax and it will happen" I am more of the if you want something to happen you should work towards it.

So its only midafternoon on Day 4 but so far so good. Good luck out there to anyone TTC.


  1. I'm not sure about its other properties, but grapeseed oil is a good lubricant choice for people who have allergies to typical market lubricants. And you don't have to worry about it being condom-incompatible!

    Hang in there. <3

  2. Thanks for that advice Gillian! Now that you mention it I also have heard that and luckily as an LMT I actually keep it on hand. *hugs*