Monday, March 14, 2011

Another workspace update

Thats right 2 blogs in one day! This one is geared towards the wool and yarn side of life. I think I mentioned a while back that I built a big wooden box bed for my room so that I could store things in it? If not I should do that now *grin*. My friend Wanda helped me build it a few weeks ago. It was outside in the pole barn but when all the storms started happening we had to move it into my workspace. Well we finally had some guys around at the same time and they moved it into the bedroom yesterday. This is great news!

This means my workspace is now open to my use again with out having to bang around the big bed. This is also good because I am currently so far behind in my work I am not sure if I will ever catch up. Ok that was possibly me being overly dramatic. My husband decided to switch jobs so he is home this week to help me catch up. He is going to start working just down the road at a bee company. Very nice people there. He will have a set daytime schedule and if he is required to work on Saturdays it will mean overtime. He is very happy about that. His other job had too many last minute schedule changes and they were not fun for any of us.

With Tom helping me I believe I will actually get everything I need done so that it can all ship out by Friday. This is shipping out late but thankfully everyone I have things going out to is very understanding. I will see if I can post some teaser photos of some of the things going out later this week. One of my orders that will be leaving sooner is for fleegle. Her anniversary is just after mine this month and I got to once again make her some surprise batts to spin up. These are all pretty fun but I can not give away anything just yet for those. Please check out her blog though to see some of the really cool things she spins up and knits. Her latest Percy Shawl was made from 2 of the batts that I made for her. It is simply amazing that something I made ended up like that. I really do not even have the words to describe how truly cool fleegle is so yall check her out.

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