Monday, February 21, 2011

Workspace update

I was able to get 2 more shelves put up with the help of my husband. They were really heavy! I also sorted through 41lbs of fiber last night, and about 22 lbs of fiber the day before. My workspace is getting more organized. I am due to receive my last two major supply orders this week and then there will be no stopping me *evil laughter*

Tom helped me put those shelves up after working all weekend on the chicken coop for my friends! Im very proud and impressed by him!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photos of my workspace

The garage is still a work in progress and I am still putting up some shelves but here is what I have so far. What do yall think?

Here is one set of the built in the wall shelves with some bins on them.

Here is my mailing area on the wall behind my desk.

Here is a better photo of my desk and traveling table turned into a large skein maker. This is the 180 yard skein I mentioned before.

Here is my sewing area and some more shelves

Here is my dyeing area

I have turned my desk into a giant skein maker

Yep thats right, I added nails along the front to help keep the yarn separated. I also turned another table on its side to add to the loop length. I am doing this because I am making a 180 yard skein. This is the longest skein loop I have ever done. I have had to rethink my strategy several times. I think this way will work. The only downside that I am having so far is that its sitting on the floor as most desks are. This means that I have to sort of walk in circles upside down. It makes me very dizzy and I can only wrap a few wraps at a time. Then I secure the loop with a clothes pin and a piece of string. How do you do your giant loops?

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'll Drink to That SAL KAL CAL - batt roving yarn package choice

The I'll Drink to That Sal/Kal/Cal packages are now available here!
Since St Patrick’s Day usually means lots of drinking we will play along with a fiber version for this SAL/KAL/CAL. I will be your bartender. You name your favorite drink and I will mix it up for you in the fiber version. Your drinks will come to you served up just the way you like them (batt, roving, or yarn). I am a pretty cool bartender so not only will I tell you whats in your drink I will send you the recipe so you can make it for yourself later. I will also send you a plastic party glass to practice making your own drink in. So what are you drinking?

The I'll Drink to That Sal/Kal/Cal packages with your drink choice must be ordered by Feb 13th. Packages will then be made to order and ship out on March 11th. Post your drink orders with inspiration photos if you have them in this thread on Ravelry so that I can mix your fibery beverage up the way you want it.

If you have not participated in one of my SAL/KAL/CAL also known as the
Here is how they work. Take a look at my example photos of possible drinks but then pick what ever drink you would like. You can do this by telling me a drink name, or by telling me what colors you would like to have in your drink. You will also tell me if you would like this to be a batt or roving for spinning, or yarn for knitting or crocheting.

You will post a inspiration photo in my raverly thread and then join in the fun conversation if you like while waiting for your drinks. Once I have made the packages I will send them out to you for you to make into a finished object. The finished objects will be posted into their own thread by April 11th. I will then run a random number generator to choose a winner of some nifty prize.

The photos posted are just some examples of how a drink might look. Packages will include the drink of your choosing, a recipe card with your drink on it and a plastic drinking glass that you can mix your own drink in!