Monday, January 17, 2011

I do not blog as much as I guess I should

I was realizing that I used to keep up with my blog on a good and pretty regular basis. I think I am going to start setting aside some time each week to update and say hello. I like to put photos of my new stuff that I have been working on here and also let everyone know whats happening with me. Of course it works better when I actually do it *grin*

So this week we are doing 3rd shift. Why? Well Tom has to do it and since I work from home I see no reason not to do it with him. I kinda like him so seeing him is a bonus. Next week we go back on a day shift and I think he will stay on that for awhile. His days off will be Mon and Tue so those will also be my new days off once his schedule settles down. This week I am dyeing up some lincoln locks, some alpaca, and some yarn. I also plan on doing some batts and simple project bags for my shop. I have asked what people would like to see in my shop in my ravelry group and it seems that everyone likes my inspired items. People like to see the story behind what I am doing and why and how it turns out. I think thats pretty cool because that is part of it that I really like too.

Things to look forward to in the shop then will be more inspirations with photos when possible and back stories. I also plan on redoing some things that I have made previously in SAL/KALs. I will try to put some photos up later. Thanks everyone!

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