Sunday, December 25, 2011

TTC: Some thoughts about adoption and babies

As many of you know we have decided to try adopting as my body is not really up carrying a baby right now. We want to start forward with our plans to make adoption a reality. One of the ideas I had was to dedicate some lines of fiber, yarn, and other random items to raising money for adoption. These are ideas right now but they will be finding a way to reality in my new shop line up next year. The thought there is any money made from those things will go into a separate account that we are setting up to save for adoption costs. I am feeling pretty excited by these ideas and wanted to share some happy thoughts with you all. I had a dream a few nights ago about me and Tom and a child. In the dream we were just a bit older and the dream was happy this time. I woke up feeling hope for the future and that is what I want to take into the new year. I am thinking about setting up one of those goal pages that shows a sort of fundraiser type thing so that we can keep track of where we are with our adoption goals. If anyone knows how to do this I would love to hear how. Best of luck to anyone else out there on their trying to conceive journey.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Magical Memories

Today I found myself thinking of some of my favorite holiday memories. I remember when we were very young that moment of waking up while it was still dark and creeping into the living room with my brother and sister to try to catch Santa. It was always magical when we saw the tree all light up with lights in the dark and presents were under the tree, proof that Santa had come! We would be so thrilled to rush into the room and best part was the Stockings. Momma was usually sleeping and we would jump on the bed telling her that Santa had come. She would usually move to the couch to nap a while longer and tell us we could open our stockings.

the stockings were these wonderful red velvety things that were literally stuffed to the brim and over flowing! Inside there was always an apple, an orange, mixed nuts and some sort of chocolate, a candy cane and a surprise. We would pour our stockings out and start on the chocolate while we looked for the surprise inside. I miss those times and the magic of being a kid seeing things through my young eyes. There was so much magic in the world then. I hope this holiday season we can all see something magical in spending time with people we love.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Help me improve my business!

I got a message from an unhappy customer today and honestly I do not blame her one bit. Her batt club is late (they are all late) and she is understandably upset by this. This is really part of why I am trying to sell out and then take some time to regroup. I need to change some of the way I do things. I know that a lot of us do not want to say anything that could be taken as negative but I think you all know that I am really wanting to redo my business into something that makes me and you happy. In order for me to do this I really need to know about the things that you think I could improve on. It would especially be great if you had ways for this improvement to happen! So if you have any ideas at all on how my business could be improved please let me know here, or by message, I would love to know your ideas. Thank you all and happy holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2011

More markdowns!

I really want to start out next year with a fresh shop so I have made some final markdowns on the fiber and yarn in my shops. I have yarn from $8-$16.25. I have batts from $15-$17.50. I also have combed top for $10.50-$13.50.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

End of Year Clearance Sale!

**I am having an End of Year Clearance Sale!** Just about everything in my Artfire shop & my Etsy shop has been marked from 25-45% off. I figure I will get all of my older (& some of the newer) stuff out of the shop by this years end. I plan on having all new stock next year! I want to start out the new year with a whole new shop! What you see is what you get and once they are gone there are no more!

A Thank you and Giant Hug!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! You are the reason I keep going sometimes! I swear the world for me at least is brightened by being able to get to know you all! I know that sounds cheesy but its true. There are so many times when life sort of beats us all down and I see time and time again how everyone on here reaches out to each other and helps to lift them up. I tell people about Ravelry everywhere. A few times I have had people ask if I worked for them laughs and then I tell them no but its just a terrific community. I invite people everywhere I go to join Ravelry or come to a local knit/spin group, or even to visit a LYS. There are just too many people who are working hard and need to find some friends and have some fun. I think the yarn/fiber communities are perfect for this. I hope you are all doing well. I also hope that you are all taking some time out for yourself right now because I am sure you are all going full speed ahead with your own working & living! Please just enjoy some fun time!

I also want to tell yall that I am really enjoying the people that I work with. I think this new job will be a good one that I can do for a long while. There seems to be a very supportive management so that right there is great because we have all had those managements that is not so supportive. Also my coworkers are very sweet. I honestly have not met anyone who was really not pretty alright. The last day of classroom training was on Friday so I brought cake for everyone. Tuesday I start my Nesting which will start getting me on the phones. Then Sunday I start my actual work schedule. I will be working 10am-7pm which are good hours for me to have family time. Its been a bit hard not seeing much of Tom the past few weeks. My days off are going to be Wednesday & Thursday so Thursday will probably be my new shipping day. For now I think it will only be the 1 time a week for certain (though I will also probably be able to ship here and there at other times). Big Huge Hugs & much Love to all of you and everyone else out there in our cyber neighborhood!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Appologies, Explanations, & Business Overhaul

Its fessing up time for me. You all know if you are a regular customer or even an active forum looker/talker that despite my best efforts I am usually running late. I am really behind now (again) and I have to let yall know what all is going on. I feel like its only fair and honest to do this. So here it is. This past year has really sucked all the money from my business. I don't have a lot of back stock or a lot of stuff in the shop and I am sorry about the lack of variety and speed when you purchase. To help with this situation I have decided along with Tom that its in our best interest to get a full time job.

This job is at a call center and I honestly believe its good for me as I need stability right now. Some of you know about the heartache we have been through with our miscarriages. We have been to the dr many times and we have had many tests done. That has also taken its toll on my business, my spirit, my life.. everything really. I have found it very hard just to maintain a semblance of normal and happy in life and on here. That is why I don't post as often as I should and I haven't really kept up with my threads or or my posts. Its just very hard to post happy things when you feel so depressed and unhappy. That is sort of the world I have been living in for about a year now. I am finally at the point where I have made some positive changes in my life and I believe they will have positive effects in my business as well, though it will take time.

I started seeing a dr, and neurologist again to help control some of my pain and depression. Its not been long but I am already feeling so much better. I believe I am able to go to grief counseling now to help move past this and we are taking some time to try to heal, the both of us. Its still a rocky road and not all days are good or even ok. The call center job is helping me to find some stability in life which is also helping. The job is from M-F, 3:30pm-Midnight right now. I am finding it hard to get many orders shipped out or made up so that is a bit of struggle still. If you have orders that are do please understand that I am doing the best that I can to get them to you. This weekend I plan on working to get a lot done. You may wonder why I am even telling you all of this. The reason is that as a self employed home based business owner my personal life drastically effects the state of my business because its all me. I am the one who dyes, who makes batts, who chooses colors. Tom helps as he can but he is just not able to do the creative stuff for me. He is more of a talented musician.

Moving forward from here on out I am changing some of my shop policies and some of how I do business. It is moving to a part time business for the time being. I will be shipping out only a 1-2 times a week as I am able. I will figure out which day/s these will be and post them. If you have any thoughts or suggestions that would be of help I would love to see them.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me through the past few years either by being a customer, a friend, an acquaintance anything really. You are all very special to me and I hope you know that. I hope in your own lives you know what a difference you make daily. The power of love is tremendous and I hope we all know how to wield it. As to having babies we are looking into adoption seriously now that we are in a place we believe we could do it. This next year is going to show many positive changes in our personal lives and my business life and all the places it mixes together.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everything is Now on SALE in my shop!

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and gets to enjoy the day with someone you love! If you are spending the day alone I hope you take the time to show yourself that you are special too. Ways to do this can include:

* taking a nice bubble bath with some scented candles and your favorite drink
* making yourself a special dinner & I mean something you really love (eat that high calorie but yummy dish you crave)
* taking the time to watch a movie or read a book that you have been meaning to get to while relaxing in your favorite chair

Most importantly I hope everyone realizes how truly special they are!

In honor of the holiday I am having a Store wide Sale. Everything in my Artfire Shop and my Etsy shop is On Sale 10% off! This is all in addition to the Free shipping on most items in the US, with $1 shipping to Canada, and $2 shipping to everywhere else in the world. This sale includes everything being 10% off, including all my 3 Month Clubs,, my Birthstones SAL/KAL, and custom orders!

Finally you can also save 10% off anything in either shop with coupon EIMNOVEMBER2011 This coupon is in addition to the storewide sale, so you get both discounts. These sales will go through Cyber Monday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10% off coupon EIMNOVEMBER2011

Beat the rush and use coupon EIMNOVEMBER2011 to get 10% off anything in my Artfire shop or my Etsy shop including custom orders, preorders for yarn & batts, and 3 month clubs! That way you get your fiber or yarn delivered right to your door! Happy Shopping! If you get my newsletter you got an extra coupon in there so be on the lookout!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Shipping through Cyber Monday in my shops!

As everyone is gearing up for one of the major shopping weekends of the year I thought I would do my part & offer Free Shipping in my Artfire shop & my Etsy Shop now through Cyber Monday! in the US with $1 shipping to Canada, and $2 shipping everywhere else on everything except 3 month clubs and Monthly SAL/KAL!

I will be sending a special coupon out in my newsletter for an added bonus! Thank you all & happy shopping! Also check out my Ravelry group or Facebook for up to date information on what is happening in the shop. I am dyeing yarn this week so if you have color requests let me know. I have some set up for 3 color self striping and some set up for 7 long color sections in the yarn. If you are interested in some self striping or long striped yarn (think Z-ball style) I have a listing for it here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anywhere near Bowling Green, KY? Come to a Ravelry meet up!

So you all know that I am vending at a Quilt Festival on Nov 4 & 5 right? Well I was just told to day that it may be a bit slow on Friday and that there will be plenty of space. My thoughts are to turn the quilt show into an impromptu Ravelry meet up! So if you are anywhere near Bowling Green, KY I hope you will consider grabbing a chair and coming to hang out. I think it would be amazing to have people come to the quilt show to see a bunch of us knitting, spinning or what ever craft you want to do hanging out in the vending hall! The Quilt show is at the WKU Museum from 9:30-3:30 Central time. If you need any directions or have any questions let me know. For all who show up even to just hang out for a bit I will be entering all you your names for a drawing for something of your choice from my shop. If you are not nearby but know of someone who is that may enjoy hanging out please forward this along! I hope to see you all there! I will have my drum carder and drop spindle!

Nov 4 & 5 I will be at WKU in Bowling Green, KY vending at the Quilt Show

This weekend, Nov 4th & 5th I will be at WKU in the Garden Gallery of the Museum vending and doing a presentation. The WKU Museum is located at 1444 Kentucky St, Bowling Green, KY 42101. I will be vending from 9:30am-3:30pm both Friday and Saturday. My presentation will be Friday Nov 4th, at my booth from 10:30-11:30am. It is called "Turning Inspiration into Color" and I will have examples of inspirations and how I translate them into my colorways in Batts, Combed Top, Roving, and Yarn. I had wanted to do fabric as well since it is a quilt show but I ran out of time. Can you believe that what with my amazing time management skills? I can here the laughs now!

This is an early show so come on down and visit then have your night free to do something fun! Also if you are anywhere near Bowling Green or if you know someone who is I would love to see you at the show! Friendly faces are always welcome. I am hoping that people might bring a chair and sit and knit or spin awhile too! I am also bringing my drum carder to the show and I will have my new "Batt in a Bag". These are for anyone who has a carder and wants to make a cool batt with out having to buy pounds of stuff to get the few colors they want. They are also great for felters or even those who like to knit with roving. I will start having these in the shop after the festival this weekend. Batt in a Bag will have any of the following: Roving, Firestar, Angelina, Silk, Silk Noil, Tencel Neps, Bamboo, Locks, etc.. All bags will have 4oz of mixed fiber. I am happy to assist you in layering the roving so that when you get home all you have to do is fluff it out and card it up!

I wanted to also mention that I have had a great time at my first 2 festivals. I was at the Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival and met some lovely people! I gave one of my SW Sock Yarns in the colorway "Ariel Wears a Ball Gown" away as a door prize. I look forward to going again next year! I was also at Fiber in the Boro just this past weekend. It was a really great experience and I got to see some friends and meet some people from online! I hope to see everyone again next year! Maybe after the festival we can all plan to go out and eat and talk!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Destash Raw Alpaca, Raw Wool, Cotton - For Sale or Trade, Open to Offers

Ok I am having a bit of an issue. we have went from a house with a garage workspace to a 2 bedroom apartment. I do not have the room to store all of the raw alpaca and wool that was living in the RV(It was over 300lbs now down a bit). I also can not process it all in this apartment as its just no longer convenient for me. I still have bags and bags of raw fleece that I don’t know what to do with it. There is some really nice alpaca and some seconds and thirds in these bags. Some have more straw than others some are really filthy (the grey) some smell a bit musty.

That said I have had it up for sale for awhile. Now I am putting it up for trade or offers as I really need to destash it. Of course if you want to buy some outright please do let me know. I have a month of storage left and that is where the fleece will be living for the next month but I hope to get rid of it all by then. Let me know if you are interested in some. I have found that I can fit about 4lbs (maybe more) into a large Flat Rate USPS Priortiy shipping box and depending on where you are it is probably about the same as parcel post (about $1.50 more maybe) Thanks!

Here are photos of the alpaca fleece & cotton, but I don’t have photos yet of the wool. I will see if I can get some time in the next few days (the prices were what I was selling it for but again I am now open to trade or offers) Send me a message here, on ravelry, or at my email.

Approximately 125lbs of raw wool, unknown breed. White fiber that is old enough the grease has turned that orangey look on it. Pretty nice staple length probably 4-6 inches at least from the bits I checked here and there. It washes up nicely.

I have also washed up some of the Baby Suri Alpaca in a red brown color. I have approximately 4lbs. It does contain some VM and will need to be picked and I would recommend washing again as it was filthy. If you are interested in the washed fiber it will be $2.50/oz.

Raw Fawn Color Alpaca varies from light, med, dark 20lbs $10/lb + Shipping This is for sale by the pound. This alpaca is dusty. Some of it has dirty tips. Some is relatively clean. Some has more VM than other parts. Its sort of a mixed bag here.

Rose Grey Raw Alpaca Fleece 15lbs $7/lb + Shipping This fleece is also for sale by the pound. This one is what I would call filthy dirty and the lower price reflects the extra work you have to do.

20lbs of Raw White Alpaca fleece $10/lb + Shipping This will be for sale by the pound. The staple length varies but a good bit of it was around 2 1/2” - 3” There did not seem to be much VM in what I was taking out to photo but it did seem very Dusty. Also this seemed to range from white to off white to orange white.

Down to 5 of Raw Unprocessed Cotton Available. Selling this by the pound. ($4/lb Please) If you are a cotton lover, this one may be for you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reusable Sandwich Bag PDF Pattern now in my shop!

Hello everyone! I used to make these reusable sandwich bags and sell them in my online shop here. I have stopped making them to sell but I know there are people out there who really want to make their own. I made a PDF Pattern based on how I made them. I had the pattern with supplies as a kit in my shop awhile back but took it down when the supplies ran low. At a friends request I put the pattern alone back in my online shop. If you have ever wanted to make these for yourself please consider my pattern PDF. It is easy to follow with step by step instructions and photos. If for any reason the patten is unclear just send me a message and I will be happy to answer any questions. You can make these with cotton fabric or any fabric of your preference. I am selling the pattern PDF for $4.99. No shipping added since I will email the pattern to you with in 24 hours of receiving the payment. Here are some photos of sandwich bags I have made in the past and the link to the listing for the pattern:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 weeks until my 1st Fiber Festival (PANIC)

As the days are counting down now to my 1st fiber festival I will be vending at Panic (yes with a capital P) has started to set in! I will be vending at the Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival on October 14-15, Friday 1-7, Saturday 9-5. The festival is being held at Harrison County Fairgrounds, 341 South Capitol Avenue, Corydon, IN. I would love for anyone who can to come and say hello. I think I will be there alone and this is a bit of a scary thought for me so I am hoping to at least get to talk to some friendly people! Also will there be anyone else who is a Phatfiber Sampler Box participant (contributor or buyer) there? I should have some Phatfiber cards to give out if I can find them! Mainly I would love to know how you found me!

I have been working on what I am taking with me (though this past week I have not felt well so I did not get much done.. really I am ready to upgrade my body to the new improved model *grin* but I don't think its happening any time soon) and I am slowly getting it all ready. I will be taking batts (smooth, luxury, and chunky), combed top/roving, hand dyed yarn, and a few of my left over silk hankies. I will be getting supplies later this month to restock silk hankies for hopefully the next festival. I have also decided that I will be bringing some small project bags to make kits. I am thinking something like choose your bag & yarn or fiber with a discount for buying both. I guess they would also be for sale on their own but I am not sure how well they would go over. People in my group on Ravelry seem to like them so I will give them a try and see.

I will be staying with a friend in Louisville for the festival because its within driving distance for me. My RV broke down so now all trips will have to have some sort of staying arrangements. Lucky for me for I have a friend to stay with for my 1st & 2nd festivals. The 4th festival in Dec I will be sharing a hotel with some other vendors who are friends so that is great. I still have to figure out something for Nov 4 &5 in Bowling Green but I am sure I will find something!

I am also getting together things like receipt books for sales and for preorders, Business cards, Some sort of Signage so you all can find me, Labels for everything, Visa/Mastercard sign so you all know I can take a credit card payment, the phone jack that lets me take credit card payments, table, chair, stuff to set up.. The list seems to grow but it will be fun I think. If you are thinking of coming and wondering what payments I will be able to take, I will tell you that I will take cash, check, credit cards, and small children left in the booth unattended! I hope to make it as easy as I can on myself and anyone wanting to buy something. I am not sure about bags though.. I never got any and don't really know if I want them. Any thoughts here? That is about all I have for today!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What should I bring to my fiber festivals?

I am preparing for 4 year end fiber festivals. I have some ideas for what I want to bring but I would also like to ask you all. If you were going to my booth at a fiber festival what would you hope to see there? What should I have in my booth? If you have been a vendor at a festival what did you forget to bring that you wish you had? I would love any thoughts, insights or advice! Thanks!

Here is a list of festivals I will be attending:

Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival
on October 14-15, Friday 1-7, Saturday 9-5 The festival is being held at Harrison County Fairgrounds, 341 South Capitol Avenue, Corydon, IN.

Fiber in the ‘Boro on Sat October 29, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The address is Lane Agricultural Center, 315 John R Rice Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN. I will be sharing a table with jessecreations of Storied Yarns and cmarie14 of Mulberry Fibers so come and see us!

Western KY University’s Kentucky Museum on Nov 4-5 in Bowling Green, KY. There is a really cool Quilt show running from Oct 21 - Dec 10. and I will be vending there and putting on a program on Nov 4th!

Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza on Dec 2-3. I will have batts, roving, yarn -- all the usual suspects so if you leave nearish come and say hello! It will be at the Hot Springs Convention Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Contest reminder!

Hi everyone it is once again Wednesday. It also happens to be September 21st which means only one more day to enter my Favorite Summer Memories contest for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to my shop! Which can also be used in person if you come see me at one of my fiber festivals! I am drawing the contest on Sep 23, I had originally put Sep 22 but I meant that you can enter all the way through Sep 22nd! So if you have not yet entered all you have to do is post one of your favorite summer memories in this thread or if its easier you can also post it here in the comments section. I will put all the names together and choose one name randomly from the entries. It is so easy and I wish you all luck!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do you do with the fiber?

The fiber that sticks to you at the end of the day when you have been spinning or carding? You get the little bits that have decided they like your shirt, pants or whatever else you happen to be wearing! Well for myself I use a simple little tool. My husband mistakenly thought it was for doing dishes! Silly man! Is it his fault? Well no its not because that is after all how the little green scour pads are marketed. The companies that make them believe they should be used to scrub pots out. I am talking about this guy right here:
Birdwell Cleaning 358-36 Green Scouring Pad I linked it to the place I got the photo from along with all the place you can buy one of these little babies if you want!

So I take one of these and cut it into several smaller pieces like this:

This I take and rub across my clothes at the end of a carding session and I get this:

I put the fiber in a bag to save for an art batt! That was my simple tip of the day! How do you deal with the fiber that clings to your clothes? Or how do you use your scrubbie pads beside dishes? I love new ideas!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mad Science Experiment a new fun colorway in my shop!

I have been finding some fun new colorways that are repeatable to carry in my shop. One of these colorways is Mad Science Experiment! My husband came up with the name because he said it reminded him of a crazy scientist experimenting in some lab. (Do you think he was insinuating anything here?) As soon as he said this I instantly thought about bubbling vials and beakers of glowing goo spilling over the sides while a crazy person laughs manically! (picture shows a picture of one such mad scientist Sorry but at this time the Crazy Scientist is not included)

These colors are fun and wonderful in florescent yellow that is black light reactive according to the dye, bright green, and dark purple. I really like this colorway and I am looking forward to making more of them. It is available in

Sparkly Soft batt

Combed top / Roving on a BFL Firestar blend but custom on any base

Self striping yarn

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coffee, Tea or Surprise me Sal/Kal - Photo Heavy

This Sal/Kal was a bit challenging in some ways. When going with coffee inspired drinks the colors are all very similar, also some of the teas are pretty similar too. I attempted to get as much variety as I could with my colors and fibers/yarn. Here are the requests or inspirations and what I made. I will post some full photos of the packages too. Each package included the fiber or yarn I made along with a Custom Calligraphy Mug from Heather of and a bunch of goodies (coffee, tea, stitch markers, coffee & tea flavored candies. Really this was the best package I have ever made and I hope to work with Heather again! She sent me all the goodies and I divided them up and distributed them all with the packages. Truth be told I did keep a few of the candies though and I am telling you that Iced Tea candy really tastes like Iced Tea!

Here are 2 of the full packages, one yarn and one fiber: Thank you Julie & Hilary for the photos!

Here are my requests with the photos:

Thai Iced tea Yarn Package:
Here we did a self striping worsted weight SW Merino yarn. I went with a 6,2,3,2 striping pattern with 6 stripes of darker red brown for the tea on bottom. Both 2 stripe sets were in a bright red-brown for where the cream first hits the tea making it bright looking. The 3 stripes were in a lighter red-brown with bits of white here and there for where the cream really mixes in and shows up on its own. Lovely yarn though I don't recommend drinking it with a straw!

Ethiopian Tea batt package:
For this batt I went with a chunky more art style batt. The colors were browns, oranges, sage green and the barest bit of purple. I used wool, BFL, Merino, Firestar and Silk Noil to give the overall look of loose ethiopian tea.

Chai Latte Batt package:
This batt packages was semi-smooth because I added just a bit of sik noil to represent the freshly ground nutmeg that would be sprinkled on top and drift down through the latte. You simply can not have a chai latte with out fresh nutmeg its just not the same! This one is similar to the vanilla latte but it has a much lighter brown bottom that is already blending with the creamy milk moving up to a creamy white top layer representing the foam and whipped cream sprinkled heavier on the top with the nutmeg silk noil. This batt was made up of Polwarth, Wool, Bamboo, Firestar (I think but not sure), and Silk Noil.

Herbal Tea Sock Yarn package:
This yarn was done in a self striping sock yarn on my SW Sock base that is a Sw Merino, Bamboo, Nylon blend. This is a nice yarn in a bigger striping pattern of 5 sets of 4 stripes. the colors are 4 maroon, 4 espresso bean, 4 dark maroon, 4 grey, 4 espresso bean. This yarn reminds me of some of the darker herbal teas with the bright floral bits in them.

Espresso or Cappuccino fiber surprise:
(I forgot to take the photo) but it was a BFL Tussah Silk combed top in a 70/30 blend. I dyed it in the darker colors of the Espresso Beans. Dark greys, reds, and browns with the colors randomly mixing in spots. It was very dark and lovely. I may get a photo of it if I am able.

Passion Fruit Tea on a Cotton Sliver base:
I also forgot to take this one! A picture will be coming soon though! The colors were red-purples, reds, lighter purples, grey purples, a bit of blue and some pinks. The cotton sliver really takes the dye nicely and I am looking forward to seeing it spun up! Picture thanks to Krista!

Caramel Macchiato batt:
These batts were made with Alpaca, Bamboo, Fine Merino, Firestar, and Polwarth. They are very smooth and fluffy. They have just a bit of brown on the bottom for the caramel usually settling, then a thick layer of white for the milk, with a nice layer of brown on top for the espresso floating above the milk and just a bit of white drizzled on top for whipped cream.

Super smooth Vanilla Latte with a bit of Caramel dribbled on top:
The vanilla latte had a layer of darker fiber on the bottom where the espresso would be poured, with lighter brown mixing with white as when the milk and foam get added, fading to only white on top the bit of just creamy foam, then drizzled with some caramel colored firestar lightly. This was also a very soft and smooth batt with Polwarth, Bamboo, Wool, and Firestar.

Hand Pulled Roving in a Non Decaffeinate Surprise:
For this one I went with BFL, Silk, and Merino (no nylon at the customers request). I choose colors of Fruit Tea. These colors are nice and bright purples, pinks and reds with bits of orange all blended with light and dark browns. Again no picture for this one. (Yes I am very forgetful these days).

Nonfat Vanilla Latte fiber package:
This delightful yet lower in fat batt was made in Bamboo, Firestar, Polwarth, and wool. The darker espresso brown bottom was a bit thicker here because of less milk fat. The middle layer blends the espresso browns with the creamy milk whites. The top layer is a bit whiter here with more foam for your enjoyment!