Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Muppet SAL Inspiration Photos

julieeeeee: 4oz Fozzie & a fruity scented candle

ash0607 : 4oz Gonzo, & 4oz Kermit & Lemon Poppyseed candle, carrot cake candle

jessecreations: 4oz Gonzo & 2oz Surprise, Jasmine candle

winemakerssister: 4oz Swedish Chef

desertgarden: 4oz Dr Teeth & The Mayhem, White Amber and Ginger Candle

CptSnoopy: 4oz Ms. Piggy & 4oz Animal, scents liked are: cinnamon, Frankincense, lavendar, jasmine, or Gardinea – surprise

Camo: 2 SALs Ms Piggy/Kermit offspring & 2 Clean Laundry candles

Kathie77: 4oz Fozzie Bear, Honeysuckle candle

sdvora : 4oz Gonzo the Great, Surprise candle

nephnie : 4oz Animal or Scooter, White Tea & Ginger Candle

DawningDreams : 4oz Gonzo, Pumpkin Pie candle

Mandii: 4oz Beaker, Candle nothing flowery; fruity, spicy or plain lemon are good

Klina: 4oz Animal, ? Candle

talesfromtheplain: 4oz Animal, 2oz Animal, Pumpkin Pie Candle

nubsmom: 4oz Kermit, Carnation Candle

chellethinques: 4oz Kermie, Bartlett Pear Candle

packerfan: 4oz Miss Piggy, Lily of the Valley Candle

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