Sunday, April 4, 2010

I have been down lately..

There was another death. There have just been so damn many I am finding it really hard to handle. I keep carding, and dyeing, and picking, and dyeing some more. I had intended on reopening my shop on the 1st but I just have not. I am trying to keep upbeat and positive and thats not really working for me either. I find myself crying at stupid stupid times. Like at dinner, or over the one of my offers expiring with out a claim. How stupid is that? Its not really a life or death situation but I just cant stop crying lately. The only way I am getting through the day is either to avoid people or to take my prescription meds that sort of numb me. Problem there being that its really hard to think when you are zonked on meds. I had a test last week. It was very laughable. I think I answered 4 questions. Then I wrote a note to the teacher on the test telling her I would do better next time. She probably thinks I am totally bonkers.

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