Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have an allergy I feel like you need to know about.

I did think about an allergy that i wanted to share with you all. It is one of those things that I forget a lot but always creeps up on me. You may laugh but I swear its true I have tested it repeatedly just to be sure that my allergy was coming from that. I am allergic to being broke.

This has as I said been tested repeatedly through life and always with the same symptoms. Its sad I know. At this time the only known cure is to marry a millionaire, and unfortunately the man I married also suffers from this same allergy. So there is no hope for us there. To cope with it we do try to do the little things that help allergies. As we seem more prone to this allergy at certain times of the year, I can only guess it works about the same as seasonal allergies. We know it is likely to crop up around birthdays, holidays, and that time at the end of a pay period just before you get another check.

What we do is to try to plan ahead for these, keeping around allergy relief medications like chocolate - bar, drink, cake (the form does not matter), dried goods, hugs, kisses those really help, and writing out our frustrations. Symptoms that you too may have this allergy and not even be aware of it include: the desire to buy something with no real means of doing so, empty cabinets, digging through the couch and car cushions for loose change, also one too many nights of eating plain noodles or rice. You may also feel at times Irritably, Frustration, Envy, and Despair.

If you believe you may be suffering from this allergy talk to your dr. There may be new ways to help.

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  1. Hi, I'm Rain, I have this allergy too but my doctor can't help :(