Monday, April 19, 2010

Its my birthday and I will cry if I want to!

Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be 32. It has been a hell of a year. Today some very dear friends sent me a birthday gift. It totally took me by surprise and I found myself sobbing for many minutes. I end up crying more than I like for bad things so when something good happens that makes you cry it is always surprising. It feels different. It is a joyful, happy, emotionally uplifting cry. I hope that we all can have more of the good and less of the bad this next year.

Now to what was in the package! I opened it up thinking I did not remember ordering something but thats not unusual for me. SO I open it and see shiny gift like packages. Now I am really curious. This is what I saw:

So I read the instructions with curiosity and see that someone has sent me a niddy noddy. I then open my card. It was from my friends Wanda, Rik, and their kids. They sent me a whole set of spinning tools. There was a niddy noddy, a drop spindle, a wpi gauge and a diz! They are all made with wood and they all coordinate with each other.

I just feel very loved and very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. I hope everyone gets the chance to feel that kind of feeling! Thank you to everyone in my life.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have an allergy I feel like you need to know about.

I did think about an allergy that i wanted to share with you all. It is one of those things that I forget a lot but always creeps up on me. You may laugh but I swear its true I have tested it repeatedly just to be sure that my allergy was coming from that. I am allergic to being broke.

This has as I said been tested repeatedly through life and always with the same symptoms. Its sad I know. At this time the only known cure is to marry a millionaire, and unfortunately the man I married also suffers from this same allergy. So there is no hope for us there. To cope with it we do try to do the little things that help allergies. As we seem more prone to this allergy at certain times of the year, I can only guess it works about the same as seasonal allergies. We know it is likely to crop up around birthdays, holidays, and that time at the end of a pay period just before you get another check.

What we do is to try to plan ahead for these, keeping around allergy relief medications like chocolate - bar, drink, cake (the form does not matter), dried goods, hugs, kisses those really help, and writing out our frustrations. Symptoms that you too may have this allergy and not even be aware of it include: the desire to buy something with no real means of doing so, empty cabinets, digging through the couch and car cushions for loose change, also one too many nights of eating plain noodles or rice. You may also feel at times Irritably, Frustration, Envy, and Despair.

If you believe you may be suffering from this allergy talk to your dr. There may be new ways to help.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So I have been working on the usual..

Which means tonight I will pull some red rovings that I dyed off the drying rack!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Phatfiber samples & My shop reopened

I finally reopened my shop on etsy. Because of the way I set up my taxes I went back to I will now have both undyed and hand dyed batts, rovings, and yarns. I will eventually get knitting supplies as well as spinning and felting.

I also sent in my very first Phatfiber Sample Box Samples! I am pretty happy about this. These are the pictures of what I sent in

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy to say my sparkly green batts have found a new home

where i know they will be loved!!

I have been down lately..

There was another death. There have just been so damn many I am finding it really hard to handle. I keep carding, and dyeing, and picking, and dyeing some more. I had intended on reopening my shop on the 1st but I just have not. I am trying to keep upbeat and positive and thats not really working for me either. I find myself crying at stupid stupid times. Like at dinner, or over the one of my offers expiring with out a claim. How stupid is that? Its not really a life or death situation but I just cant stop crying lately. The only way I am getting through the day is either to avoid people or to take my prescription meds that sort of numb me. Problem there being that its really hard to think when you are zonked on meds. I had a test last week. It was very laughable. I think I answered 4 questions. Then I wrote a note to the teacher on the test telling her I would do better next time. She probably thinks I am totally bonkers.