Monday, March 8, 2010

Tools that Im using - carder, picker, drying rack

My drum carder. It is a Strauch "Finest" model. I did lots of research and I decided to go with this one. So far I absolutely love it. It makes batts in so much less time than my hand carders. Though I still use those as well. They are more therapeutic for me. Also I use them to open up the locks before putting them through the carder.

I went with the Lil Dynamo for my wool picker. I have to admit I am not really understanding it though. I may be using it wrong. It does pull the compacted washed wool apart but I am still finding hand picking to be more effective at removing VM. Then again thats probably what I get for buying wool that was uncoated...

I am most proud of my drying rack. I got it at big lots. It has 5 racks that can be put together shelf style. I also can just lay them out to use for skirting as they are raised a few inches off the bottom and have good sized holes. Very useful tool.

For the individual washing tubs I followed the genius of The Independent Stitch. The lady who does that blog is brilliant! I love reading her blog it is so full of useful tips and tricks.


  1. I also enjoy reading her posts and I am also one of the beneficiaries of her tips. Like you I use drum carder but using hand carders makes me feel more relaxed as it gives me peace of mind.

  2. I have some hand carders that I use for personal use these days. I agree it is very relaxing to sit and hand card.