Monday, March 1, 2010

That is some dirty water!

My husband took a look at my last blog and said that. He saw it drying to so he knows it cleaned up a lot. I have to say I really did learn things yesterday.

Most important thing, do not attempt to pick up a pan of dirty water to pour in the toilet. The pans I am using are too flimsy and it spilled. After I cleaned up that mess I just kept going. Do not forget what you are doing and put the detergent in first and then the water. It makes the water way sudsy. My water heater does not get hot enough. The water from the tap is about 120degrees at the hottest so all pans of water needed 1 to 2 pots of boiling water added to them to bring the temp up. I washed them all at 140 degrees and rinsed them with the hot tap only.

I also understand why people use washers. I now want one that is top loading. I figure I can pick up an older model somewhere for reasonable if I keep my eye out. Also I had to open all the windows yesterday because the house smelled like I had been washing large dirty dogs. In the past when I have washed wool it was always in smaller amounts. Yesterday was the most wool I have done in one day ever. I believe I could have accomplished what took me all day yesterday in about half the time with a washer.

Today my back and joints are killing me. I think it was all the bending, lifting, going up and down our 3 sets of stairs all day. I washed the wool in our bathroom on the 3rd floor. I had to get my supplies from the garage down stairs. The wool itself was set out to dry on the porch on the 2nd floor balcony. I am anxious to see the results from yesterday but I am going to finish my cup of tea first.

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